Meet Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling, your new favorite BBC News presenter! Joanna is a expert broadcast intelligencer and author, presently presenting on the United Kingdom rolling news channel BBC News. Joanna is known for her quick wit and in- depth knowledge of current events. She can be seen presenting on BBC2 from 11 am to 1 pm, as well as on the BBC News at One. Joanna is sure to make you laugh while also keeping you informed of all the news you need to know. Get ready to fall in love with this talented broadcaster! Meet Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling Your New Favorite BBC News Presenter

Who is Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling?

Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling is a television news presenter, broadcast intelligencer and author from England. She’s well- known for her work on the United Kingdom rolling news channel BBC News. She has gained a great deal of respect and admiration in the broadcasting sedulity for her professionalism and moxie.

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Gosling has a degree in media and politics from the University of London and she holds a postgraduate instrument in journalism from Cardiff University. She also has a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from City University. She began her career as a freelance intelligencer at ITV News, before joining the BBC in 2010.

Gosling is presently the host of BBC News on BBC2 from 11 am until 1 pm, and she also constantly presents the BBC News at One. She’s passionate about current affairs and politics, and she brings energy and enthusiasm to her reporting. She’s also largely reputed for her work in pressing women’s issues, both in the UK and internationally.

Gosling has written two books a travelogue predicated on her time living in Ireland and a nonfictional novel about World War I, which was published in 2020. In addition to her journalistic pursuits, she also works with charities that support vulnerable children and families. Meet Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling Your New Favorite BBC News Presenter

Meet Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling Your New Favorite BBC News Presenter What does she do?

Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling is a reputed television news presenter and broadcast intelligencer. She presents on the United Kingdom rolling news channel BBC News, from 11 am to 1 pm on BBC2. She also constantly presents the BBC News at One. As a broadcast intelligencer, she covers a range of motifs, from international affairs and news events to sports, entertainment and life stories. She has an extensive knowledge of current affairs, politics and world news and is an expert at breaking down complex stories for her spectators. In addition to her presenting duties, Joanna also appears as a guest on various radio and TV shows, sharing her unique insight and opinions on the news of the day. likewise, she’s also an author, having written two books-‘ How to Be a Professional TV Presenter’ and’ How to Be a Successful intelligencer’. She regularly shares her advice and moxie with aspiring intelligencers, helping them to develop their chops and reach their pretensions.

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What are her qualifications?

Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling is largely good in the field of broadcast journalism. She graduated from Oxford University with a BA in English Language and Literature. She also has a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from City, University of London. She has been working for BBC News for further than ten times, during which time she has gained a wealth of experience in the newsroom. She has won several awards, including an RTS Award for her content of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Her papers have been featured in The Guardian, The Independent and The Huffington Post. In her current part at the BBC, Joanna is responsible for writing and presenting breaking news stories and developing point pieces for both TV and radio. She also works on live reporting from around the UK and abroad.

How can I communicate her?

still, the swish way to do so is through her BBC profile, If you are interested in reaching Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling. On her BBC profile, you can find a contact link which will give you the occasion to get in touch with Joanna directly. also, Joanna is fairly active on social media, where she has lives on Twitter and Instagram. So, if you are looking for a farther casual way to interact with her or just want to follow along with her work, you can do so through these platforms as well.

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