In 1999, Adriana Lima made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut and has walked the runway for them ever since. After 18 incredible seasons with the brand, she announced her retirement from the show in 2018. That same year, she also celebrated 20 years of being signed with IMG Models, making her one of their longest-running models. At nearly 6 feet tall, Lima will be remembered as one of the world’s most beautiful women for her grace and striking features. The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima
The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima


Born in Brazil in 1981, Adriana Lima has made a name for herself modeling since she was discovered by a photographer at the age of 15. Landing her first contract with Victoria’s Secret only three years later and making history as the first Brazilian model to be hired by the company. Today, more than 18 years later, Lima is still a Victoria’s Secret Angel and spends most of her time traveling to various countries while maintaining her image-as well as managing several philanthropic endeavors. The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima


Born in 1981, Adriana began her modelling career at the age of 16. She became internationally famous with her appearance in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover for the 2000 edition, becoming only the second woman of Brazilian descent to appear on the cover. She has appeared on more Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues than any other model and also holds the record for appearing six times on US Vogue. She has been affiliated with cosmetics companies Revlon and Maybelline.


Brazilian model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, was born on June 12th in 1982 in So Paulo, Brazil. In 1993 she moved to New York to pursue modeling. She found success with Fendi. Her most successful campaigns include L’Oreal, Christian Dior, and H&M. She became the first Latina model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2001.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima
The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

Physical info

Born to a middle-class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 12, 1981, Adriana competed in beauty pageants and began modeling at the age of 15. In 1996 she starred in television commercials for Dulce Banana and from 1997 to 1999 appeared on Brazilian calendars. After spending 2 years modeling abroad (in Paris and Milan), she was named Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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In 1999, at the age of 19, Lima walked the runway in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show for the first time. She continued working with Victoria’s Secret for 20 years, and became known for her photoshoots in the annual What Is Sexy issue. After she finished with her 20-year contract, she made a surprise return to close out the 2018 show finale by kicking off her shoes and throwing confetti over herself.


1. 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2. 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 3. 2007 People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People 4. 2013 MTV EMA 5. 2001 Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female Athlete

Net worth

With her 40th birthday fast approaching, fans are asking whether the Brazilian model, who was the longest-running model and named the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2017, will continue to be involved with the company. In an interview with E! News, Lima confirmed she had taken a break from work for two months due to exhaustion and for personal reasons unrelated to her contract or future with the lingerie giant.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima
The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

sweetest time

A Brazilian model, known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018. She was the longest-running model and named the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2017.

Born in April 12, 1981 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Her parents separated when she was three years old. She and her mother moved to São Paulo to live with her aunt Eliana who helped raise her.

secrets of beauty

Growing up in Brazil, Lima’s first foray into the world of modeling was at age 14 when she participated in a Ford Models youth modeling competition. She then signed on with IMG Models and went to New York City at the age of 17.

first love

Every woman has a favorite Victoria’s Secret model–and for me, that model is and always will be Adriana Lima. Not just because I was the same age when she signed on with the brand in 1999, but because her beauty looks both timeless and modern at the same time.

first success

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was the 20th anniversary of the show and also marked her 20th year with the company. According to Forbes, she has been worth around $1 million over time. The same year, Adriana revealed that she might not renew her contract with Victoria’s Secret. On March 12, 2018, she announced on Instagram that it had been her last runway season for the brand.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

dearest person

This model formerly known as an angel is my favorite person. She has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers and walked the runway for many fashion houses, including Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior. But in early 2018, Lima announced she would leave Victoria’s Secret at the end of her contract with the lingerie brand. I remember when I heard this news!

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Not sure what your passion is? Follow these steps

Start by sitting down and looking at your life up until this point, including any failures and successes. What have you enjoyed doing? What do you find yourself drawn to? What would make your day better than it already is? You’ll have a feeling in the pit of your stomach if you’re onto something big, so pay attention to that feeling!

Step 1: Start Early

When she was 13, Lima told her mother that she wanted to be a model. Instead of praising her daughter, her mother rebuffed the idea and advised her against it. Undeterred by her mother’s negative response, Lima forged ahead with the help of a friend’s parents.

Step 2: Learn about what you like

I never thought that one day my small dream would grow into something I was so passionate about. Sometimes, when I watch my Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the final time this year and walk backstage for the last time, it’ll be tough to say goodbye but I’m eager to see what’s next.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

Step 3: Don’t give up

It’s not easy to stay on top of your game, especially when you’re taking a break from it. As with anything, the more you practice the better you get. If modeling doesn’t sound appealing anymore, there are other ways to put yourself in front of the camera and show off what you’ve got. For example, if you want to be a social media influencer or reality TV star like Kylie Jenner or Kylie Jenner then all it takes is hard work and persistence.

Step 4: Be Patient

It’s been a few weeks since she walked the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the last time, but Adriana Lima is still remembering it like it was yesterday. Every single year I cry, I’m really emotional because you have so many memories and all the time that we spend together, she says. It was my second family. It took her three years to make peace with hanging up her wings and finishing her VS contract, but she knew it was time.

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Step 5: Go after it

It’s the end of an era! After walking in her final Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Brazilian model and longtime Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima says she’s taking some time for herself.

I need to take care of myself. It’s been 18 years and I feel this period coming now, she said backstage in Paris.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima


When was Adriana born? She was born in 1981. What is her nationality? Her nationality is Brazilian. Who were her siblings? She has two sisters, Patricia and Ana Paula. How many languages can she speak? She speaks four languages; Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English. What kind of relationship does she have with Gerard Piqué?

Who is Adriana Lima having baby with?

*Models don’t always retire when they stop working for Victoria’s Secret. *Adriana retired this year after the 2018 fashion show, but she has already moved onto her next venture. She’s pregnant with her second child! *Lima married basketball player Marko Jaric in 2009 and split from him three years later. She briefly dated musician Seal and reportedly dated Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo from 2010 to 2011.

Why is Adriana Lima so famous?

Adriana is a true supermodel. Alongside Gisele Bündchen and Tyra Banks, she is one of the most well-known models in the world. Her biggest triumphs are appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from 1999 to 2018, being a frequent face on TIME magazine’s annual 100 Most Influential People list since 2002 and scoring record-breaking deals like her five-year $10 million contract with L’Oréal in 2014.

The Model Formerly Known as an Angel: Adriana Lima

Did Adriana Lima have a baby?

A few weeks ago, the angel formerly known as Victoria’s Secret Angel announced she was taking a break from modeling to spend more time with her two kids.

I want to keep my body healthy and happy for myself and my family, so I’m stepping back from fashion for now, the Brazilian bombshell said in a statement via Instagram. It has been such an amazing journey being part of the VS team–modeling, filming fashion shows around the world and working with some incredible people, she added.

Who is Adriana Lima’s baby daddy?

If you were to ask any person on the street who the most popular supermodel of all time was, there’s a good chance they’d say Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks. But would you be surprised to learn that one of the biggest stars in modeling has been off the radar for over 10 years? At 34-years-old, Adriana Lima is still undeniably gorgeous and just released her first lingerie line with Victoria’s Secret.

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