Kenny Omega, or Tyson Smith as he’s known in real life, has had quite the journey to wrestling superstardom. In fact, most people probably didn’t expect him to be in the position he’s in today. After all, Omega was never one of the biggest wrestlers in his weight class and he never even won an Olympic medal during his time on the Canadian national team. However, Omega became one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet anyway thanks to hard work and determination. Here are some of the key moments that have led to Omega’s surprising success so far. Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story

Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story
Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story


Tyson Smith, better known by the ring name Kenny Omega, is a Canadian-born professional wrestler. As part of the promotion, Omega is a former AEW World Champion and AEW World Tag Team. He also works as an executive vice president. Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story


Omega debuted in Japan in 1999 with the company Pro Wrestling Noah, where he was trained by the founder and president of the promotion, Mitsuharu Misawa. Omega debuted for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2002 under his real name and competed on their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, winning the OVW Heavyweight Championship. A few years later, he signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and then signed a developmental contract with WWE, where he began performing as Kyle O’Reilly.


Omega was born on June 22, 1983 in Toronto, Ontario. He is the son of Greek parents, although his father converted to Judaism for his mother. He is the nephew of French Canadian retired pro wrestler Jonathan Goulet, who served as an unofficial mentor for him throughout his youth. When he was 14 years old, Omega attended a wrestling camp where he met Jacques Rougeau and trained with him for three summers.

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– Kenny grew up in Toronto, Canada and was home schooled until high school. – Tyson first picked up a violin when he was three years old, but after receiving abuse from his peers for being the only child that brought their instrument to school, he switched to guitar and drums. – His involvement in the Canadian rock scene caused him to lose interest in wrestling.

Physical info

Tyson Smith, better known by the ring name Kenny Omega, is a Canadian-born professional wrestler. Since joining WWE in 2002, he has performed on their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), and since 2007 he has competed internationally as Kenny Omega.


Born in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, Kenny Omega was living in Edmonton when he attended a wrestling show and became interested in training. After completing the Edmonton-based Dory Funk Jr.’s Wrestling Academy course in 2002, he quickly found work with a number of independent Canadian promotions. He eventually wrestled for some of the largest wrestling companies on the planet – including NJPW and WWE – before joining All Elite Wrestling as one of its executives.

Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story
Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story


Omega is a three-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and one-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. He is also the inaugural IWGP United States Champion, an IWGA East Coast Heavyweight Champion, a one-time Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, the winner of the 2013 Best of the Super Juniors and 2010 G1 Climax tournaments, and was once named Tokyo Sports’ Wrestler of the Year.

Net worth

Tyson Smith (better known by the ring name Kenny Omega) is a Canadian-born professional wrestler. He is an executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling, where he also performs as part of the promotion. As a result, he has become an All Elite Wrestling World Champion and an AEW World Tag Team Champion .

sweetest time

I was born on November 25, 1983 in Montreal, Quebec. My name is spelled Tyann and I prefer to go by Kenny. My mom was a flight attendant and my dad was a landscape designer. Growing up, I loved cars and drawing, but always felt like something was missing from my life. In 1997 we moved to Richmond Hill, Ontario where I attended high school for grade 9 through 11. It was in this period of time that my love for wrestling really developed.

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first success

It all started with a YouTube video that later turned into the start of a wrestling career. After posting videos of his backyard wrestling show on YouTube in 2005, as well as after receiving comments from people who said he should pursue wrestling as a career, Kenny began training for the ring at age 18.

dearest person

Born in Ontario Canada, Tyson Smith is the youngest of five siblings. Smith’s mother took care of all five children and worked as a bus driver to help provide for them. It was during this time that Smith would tell his classmates he was from Japan instead of Canada so he could fit in better with other children. His life changed dramatically when both parents passed away when he was 18-years-old.

Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story
Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story

Before Wrestling

Tyson Smith grew up as an extroverted child, acting in school plays, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and later modeling in Taiwan. Tyson then went to Canada West to study broadcasting, but dropped out after three semesters. He pursued a career as a professional wrestler and signed with WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling (DSW). In 2006, he left DSW without performing a match and joined Scott D’Amore’s Border City Wrestling (BCW) promotion.

Breaking into Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling may not be a mainstream sport anymore, but it remains one of the few ways for a normal person to turn their fantasies into reality. Much like many pro athletes, Kenny Omega had aspirations of being an athlete from a young age. But his talents didn’t start on the gridiron or with a racket in his hand; instead, he found success in the ring with World Wrestling Entertainment as part of their NXT developmental system.

Becoming a Big Name in Japan

How did Kenny Omega go from independent wrestling sensation to one of the biggest names in Japanese professional wrestling? It was a steady progression up through the ranks that culminated with success on a global stage.

To Worldwide Fame

Despite a tough upbringing, Tyson Smith – better known by the ring name Kenny Omega – made it his goal to become a professional wrestler. As part of the stable Bullet Club and later The Elite, Kenny has been one of wrestling’s biggest international superstars, capturing several championships and achieving worldwide success.

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Championship History

Omega entered NJPW’s annual January 4 Tokyo Dome show in 2013 as one of eight participants in the Young Lions Cup VIII tournament. He was eliminated from the single-elimination tournament by Yoshi-Hashi after being put through a table.

Omega made his breakthrough year in 2016, when he won both the G1 Climax 28 Tournament and the 2016 World Tag League with partner Tomohiro Ishii.

Future Plans

Omega is a Canadian-born professional wrestler who rose to fame in Japan and the United States. In December of 2018, he was ranked the second best wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. His wrestling style, dubbed Too Sweet, is a unique blend of high-flying and power moves.


A. What inspired you to become a wrestler?

I was always big into watching pro wrestling on TV growing up and when I was in high school I wanted to try it.

Q. What is your favorite match?

That’s tough, but I think my Wrestle Kingdom 12 match with Chris Jericho is probably the most important thing that has happened to me in my career so far as it was my first win for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kenny Omega s Unexpected Success Story

Is Kenny Omega coming back to AEW?

There has been a lot of speculation that Kenny Omega is coming back to All Elite Wrestling. We have no idea, but he did recently tweet Buckle up! – which is his catchphrase.

Was Kenny Omega in WWE?

Omega was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is of Hawaiian and Greek descent. When he was four years old, he and his family moved to Kamloops, British Columbia. His parents were protective of him and thought that sports were a safer alternative for him than being an entrepreneur or musician so they encouraged him to become a professional athlete.

Is Kenny Omega Japanese?

Omega was born in Canada and grew up as a fan of Professional Wrestling. He started training at the age of 18 and by the time he was 20 he was signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Now at the age of 37, Omega has accomplished so much.

Does Kenny Omega like anime?

Omega is a fan of anime, having watched it since he was a child. He does not speak Japanese, but has learned how to order sushi in Japanese for his time spent training in Japan. Omega has also been spotted at comic book shops throughout the world.

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