Azim Premji, an Indian-born self-made billionaire, is the founder of one of India’s most successful technology companies, Wipro Limited. Born in 1945 to a rich family in Bengal, Premji took over his father’s company and turned it into one of the most innovative companies in India, as well as one of the largest employers in the country. The Billionaire Founder of Wipro

Premjis Family Background

Premji was born into a Konkani Brahmin family in Mangalore, Karnataka. His father, Hormusji Tata (1894-1981), was an attorney who had studied law at Cambridge University and joined Tata Sons—the Mumbai-based conglomerate run by his uncle Jamsetji Tata (1839-1904)—after completing his degree.

Premji’s Education

When he was young, Premji’s father would often take him to visit textile mills in Gujarat. It was these experiences that helped shape his interest in business and industry, and contributed to his development as a future leader. He attended Stanford University in California, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science in 1973. After graduating from university, Premji returned to India with his new bride, Yasmeen Sabri.

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The Billionaire Founder of Wipro
Azim Premji,
Name Azim Hashim Premji
BornAzim Hashim Premji
24 July 1945 (age 76)
Bombay, Bombay presidency, British India
Alma materStanford University (B.S.E)
Founder chairman of Wipro
Spouse(s)Yasmeen Premji
ChildrenRishad Premji, Tariq
Parent(s)Mohamed Hashem Premji

Premji Joins Tata Sons

On May 12, 2006, Azim Premji became a director at Tata Sons, in addition to his post as chairman of Wipro. The move came with criticism from some shareholders and analysts who said that he was spreading himself too thin. Others saw it as a first step toward him joining other Indian business leaders on Tata’s board. On December 12, 2007 Premji resigned as Chairman of IT firm Wipro Ltd but will remain its vice-chairman.

Premji Becomes CEO of Tata Sons

By 1991, Premji had grown his stake in Tata Sons to almost 40 percent. The following year, he was promoted to managing director. He became chairman of Tata Sons in 2012. Today, Premji is one of India’s richest people and continues to run Wipro with his son Rishad.

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Premji Becomes Chairman of Wipro

In 2011, Azim Premji became chairman and controlling shareholder at Wipro. He also took over as CEO, now that his son is taking a more active role with Apple. As one of India’s richest men (according to Forbes, he’s worth $11 billion), he has a massive impact on business in India—and he gives away 2 percent of his net worth each year to charity………..

The Billionaire Founder of Wipro

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