Ritvij Dasdia’s is the founder of Booz Scooters, provided electric scooters made by him, which work to reach the people by purchasing from any other company, their dream is to have electric scooters in every corner of India so that people can easily rent them. But it should be easy to roam anywhere and also friendly to the environment, due to which pollution will work, their company’s turnover is 2.67 crores, which is given by the dream of providing service to the people by setting up their booz everywhere in every tourist spot hotel market. Shark Tank arrived in India with 15% uqiti of his company to meet the demand of 40 lakhs. So he found some temporary solution, hour invested his money in booz scooter so that the facility could reach the people at a reasonable price, from the year 2017 he started the work of booz which was given for temporary test free testing after that at the time of covid Had to close it in lockdown And from 2017 to number 2021, their market sales were 4 lakhs. 40 lakhs at 15 percent uqiti to launch their company in Shark Tank, which is working as a service provider instead of manufacturing itself, in All India. Offers Booze works on mobile app and card riding basis, also taken by The Shark Tank team Ritvij Dasadiya Founder Booz High on mobility The Shark Tank India

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Ritvij Dasadiya Founder Booz High on mobility The Shark Tank India
Booz High on mobility

The Shark Tank Deal

and Vineeta Singh of Sharks made their offer on the offer made by Ritvij Dasdia in The Shark Tank India, who gave an investment of 20 lacs to invest the company with 50% uqiti in which Ritvij made an offer of 33% But kept the offer again but Sharks Ashnir Grover said that the company has been given the best offer. Looking at Ritvij, Ritvij Dasdia accepted the offer and finalized the deal. Now in the future, Booz to dominate the new dimension The business of Shark Tank India Working on the idea will be seen touching the heights of success, this will be a new achievement where we will be able to get booze scooters everywhere on rent so that we can easily move around which will provide its service to student office restaurant hotel everywhere. Ritvij Dasadiya Founder Booz High on mobility The Shark Tank India..

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Name Ritvij Dasadiya
Business Founder of Booz Scooters
Company Booz High on mobility

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