Yoga practice is considered to be a very important lesson of the body, which was told by Ayurvedacharya and old sages to increase the physical senses and mental balance, willpower etc., the important work of their life, which was followed by the sage sage, ascetic monk-saint, all their yoga power and physical In the yogasanas done to increase the power, every asana has an important contribution to provide physical benefits, today we will learn about the practice of Tulasan, the person has to balance his body on both the palms, there is no more problem in applying this asana. The name of this rule is not there, so Tulasan is named because Tula means scales, because of the size of the scales, it was named Tulasan. Strengthen shoulders with Tulasan yogasana

Strengthen shoulders with Tulasan yogasana
Tulasan yogasana

Let’s know the method of doing this asana

1. Practice this asana in a clean and clean place. For the practice of asana, lay a bed sheet below and only after that start the process of your posture. keep the heels together

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2. Now keeping the distance between the knees, keep both the hands on the floor between both the knees, after that while breathing in, put the weight of the whole body on both the palms and bending forward, the whole body including the claws of the buttocks lift up

3. In this position of Hassan, maintain the balance of the body by keeping the weight of the whole body on the palms, stay in this position of the posture for as long as possible and then slowly come back to the normal position while exhaling.Strengthen shoulders with Tulasan yogasana

4. Now we will do this position again and in this way, this action will come away 5 times, in the first exercise of the regime, put the entire weight of the body on the palms and do the asana, then slowly keep the balance of the fingers on the thumb, start this regime. There is a lot of difficulty in doing it in the beginning, but with daily practice, the difficulty starts to go away and there is no problem in doing the asana, it is possible after practicing it daily.

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Benefits of doing Tulasan

1.This asana strengthens the arms, wrists, shoulders and abdomen, due to which people with weak wrists and hands and shoulders get strong shoulders and strong wrists by doing this asana, gradually bearing the weight of the body, the shoulders become strong in the wrists.

 2. Removes muscle tension and keeps the mind calm, after a lot of work, the asana is very beneficial in removing muscle fatigue and tension. Due to giving, there is a smooth effect of blood in the muscles and brain, as a result of which the body gets relief.

 3. Increases our digestive power, due to good digestion power, this asana is very useful for making a person healthy and free from physical diseases and sufferings.

 4. The balance of the body increases, there is a tightening in the abdominal muscles and the people whose stomach is outside, it becomes flat inside after doing this asana, due to this it is very beneficial to support only those who were visible outside.Strengthen shoulders with Tulasan yogasana

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 5. This regime removes the stiffness of the feet and strengthens the spine.


1. If you have stiffness in the thighs or hips, then do not do this asana because do not do this posture.

2. If you have any kind of injury in your knee id, do not apply this asana, in this situation the pain may increase in doing this asana.

3. Do not do this asana even if there is any injury in the wrist or shoulder..

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