Slim beautiful curvy waist with Bhumanasana Yoga

In today’s time, women take measures for their health and fitness, some women are very worried and worried about it. He also takes measures with domestic and medical consultation, but the heritage of ancient times is being done by Ayurvedacharyas and sages, the continuous benefits of yoga practice are famous in the Vedas, Puranas and the world, by doing which if there is any problem in the form of the body, then it is removed. An example of this can be seen as a fair with Bhu Naman Asana Yogasan; Bhu Naman Asana Yogasan proves to be beneficial in physical beauty and in removing many diseases. Slim beautiful curvy waist with

Let’s know the method of governance

1. First of all, it is very important to keep the environment around you clean and tidy, sit in your cross-garden with your yoga mats, after that spread both your legs as much as possible on both the sides, then bend forward with both hands. spread the toes of both the feet or hold the lips Slim beautiful curvy waist with Bhumanasana Yoga

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2. While exhaling, slowly bend your body forward and try to place it on the floor only.

3. Lie down with your partner’s shoulders and chest on the floor, stay in this position as long as you can bear it. Slim beautiful curvy waist with Bhumanasana Yoga

4. Right now, if the regime has trouble spreading the legs at the beginning of the exercise, then practice it as much as possible, and gradually try to spread the legs more.

Slim beautiful curvy waist with Bhumanasana Yoga
Bhumanasana yoga

Benefits of doing Bhumanasana

1.Benefits in getting slim, flexible and beautiful curvy waist

Such yoga should be done by those women who are more interested in keeping their fitness and body beautiful, but it is also that in today’s time every woman tries her best to get a slim beautiful personality. By doing this, the waist becomes thin, flexible, curvy and beautiful, due to which the body can be bent like rubber.

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2. Beneficial in performing dance

 By doing this asana, the waist becomes so flexible and thin, which does not benefit from any medical science, it is beneficial for those who are in dance or any other art or dance unity.

 3. Benefit in diseases related to Babaseer and bladder

 By doing such a youth union, the complaint of piles is removed. Must do bladder disease, I also get benefit from doing this yoga asana.

(People suffering from these diseases should not do this asana)

Bhoo Naman Asana should not be practiced by a person with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain and neck pain, people suffering from such diseases or problems should not do this asana.

Do yoga and live a happy life………….

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