Reduce Obesity with Uttanpadasana yoga Uttanpadasan In today’s time, every man is troubled by his problem, in which the obesity of the body increases due to sitting on the chair and not doing workouts, due to which the body weight gradually increases due to being overweight. Due to excessive fat, many types of diseases start flowing to the body, for this, performing asana is very beneficial, it is considered to be a very proven pranayama in reducing obesity For them, doing yoga practice every morning will be beneficial. Reduce Obesity with Uttanpadasana yoga

Reduce Obesity with Uttanpadasana yoga
Uttanpadasana yoga

Method of asana

1. To do Uttanpadasana, you lie on your back, put the feet together, keep your palms 4 to 6 inches away from the body.

2. Raise your legs again at 40 to 45 degrees, now lift your hands up, bring them parallel to the feet, both arms and hands should be straight

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3. Extend the ribs and continue breathing normally

4. Keep your feet and hands on the floor comfortably while exhaling to come to the normal position

Benefits of Utnapadasana

By doing this asana, it is very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, constipation, dyspepsia and nervous weakness. The complaint that this problem can be overcome by doing this yoga practice is that people suffering from this should not do this exercise.

By studying yoga, the extra fat of the body is reduced, due to which the body becomes beautiful and shapely, due to which in today’s time women and medicine spend lakhs of rupees and take various medicines to reduce obesity. Make efforts, but with this yoga practice you can reduce your obesity without any medicine, due to which it will be mandatory for you to practice this yoga practice daily, which will benefit the body internally and physically.


In the initial phase of yoga practice, raise the legs with the help of hands to lift the legs, hands should not be bent on the knees while raising the legs, people suffering from muscle strain should not do this exercise…..

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