Purvottanasana Asana is the word of Indian culture language, the importance of Yogasana is famous not only in India but all over the world, Pranayama Yoga postures, no country in the world has been untouched by the physical benefits of these body movements, weakness, depression, all of them. Yogasana can be a simple treatment, after this the biggest internal diseases of the body, various types of diseases occurring in the body, which if a person does a certain practice of yoga every day in the right way, he will not have any physical mental illness in the world Covid-19 Like the virus also has to be very powerful to send the body of the people who practice yoga every day because the body practicing yoga is full of agility and unity power which no virus of any kind can easily control or control it. Can dominate, therefore yoga should be practiced continuously. Today we will learn about Purvottanasana. The word Purvottanasana literally means a sharp east-facing stretch towards the east. To stretch the body by singing, which is made up of 3 words, in which the first word is Purva which means east and the second word is Utara which means intense and asana means posture Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland

Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland
Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland

Let’s know the method of this asana

 First of all, would like to tell you that before doing any asana, after doing complete information about the regime and practice in a good way, put the posture correctly, due to which doing that asana can prove beneficial for its results.Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland

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 1. To do Purvottanasana, first sit with the legs spread straight in front, keep the legs together, keep the spine straight.

 2. After this, place your palms on the ground, keep the arms straight away from the head of the fingers near the waist or shoulders.

 3. Lean back and support the weight of the body with the hands

 4. Now inhale, lift the ball, keep the body straight

 5. Keep the knees straight, keep the feet on the ground, keep the toes on the ground. By doing this, the soles will remain on the ground and let the head go back towards the ground.

 6. Keep breathing in this state, while exhaling, come back and relax

 7. Repeat the postures by changing the direction of the fingers

 Try to understand all the method of yoga practice well and repeat it comfortably so that physical benefits can be obtained by applying the right posture.Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland

Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland
Purvottanasana Yoga Stimulates the thyroid gland

 Benefits of Purvottanasana

 By the way, I would like to tell that the practice of yoga benefits the body in any form, whether it is physical, internal or mental, but the spinal cord benefits a lot from Purvottanasana, the bones of the spine get strengthened by this asana.

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hip are well expressed in the feet, due to which there is never any joint pain or back pain in the feet.

 Friends would like to tell that most of us in the body are considered to be the respiratory process which if a person is passing through a pure and good oxygen good environment, then his respiratory function will be very strong, this rule will reduce the respiratory function in the persons whose respiratory function is disturbed. is improved

 stimulates the thyroid gland

 Precautions in Purvottanasana  If you have injury or any kind of pain in your wrist, then you should not apply the asana because if you apply this asana in this state, then your body can be harmed and the possibility of getting more pain at

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