The importance of yoga is very much in life, so that there is no problem of any kind in the body, the body remains strong, the people who do yoga are always full of agility and are calm and patient, those who do yoga daily on their forehead. A different sharpness starts appearing, which remains natural, the reason for this is to practice yoga every day, small and small senses of the body become alert in doing their work as a whole and remain strong, due to which the natural beauty of man. It seems to be very bright, today we will tell you about Mahavirasana, how Mahavirasana is applied, what are the benefits of Mahavirasana and one more thing, this asana gives a lot of benefit in increasing the height, the name of Mahavirasana is also Maruti asana. While practicing, the position of the person becomes like that of Hanuman ji Maharaj, hence this asana was named Mahavirasana after the name of Hanuman ji Maharaj. Mahavirasana is beneficial in increasing Height

Know the method of doing Mahavirasana

1. First of all Mahavirasana asana which is in the name of Hanuman ji Maharaj, whose name itself is so fast, to do this asana, start your yoga practice in a clean and calm environment. To start, stand straight with both feet together. Mahavirasana is beneficial in increasing Height

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2. After this, by taking the left foot back one and a half to two feet, keep the toes down and bend the right leg from the knee and put the heel and toes on the ground.

3. After this, by keeping the old people 8 to 10 inches ahead of the chest, make the vein and pulse of the throat tight and now while pulling the breath in, call the stomach and then exhale slowly.

4. While exhaling in this way, stay in this position for 2 minutes, in this process keep the whole body stretched.

5. After staying in this position for 2 minutes, slowly bring both the legs to the same place and rest for 1 minute so that your body can relax, then do this process on the same basis with the other tree with both feet. Do this yogasana four times by changing

Mahavirasana is beneficial in increasing Height

Benefits of Mahavirasana Asana

1.Lung Powerful

Mahavirasana, this asana makes the chest wide and powerful, increases the height, the lungs are powerful, due to which there is no health-related diseases of any kind, due to the condition of holding the mother-in-law in the chest in doing this asana Lungs are strong in which no disease of any kind ever arises

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2. Removes stiffness of hands and feet

Due to Mahavirasana, people who have curvature in the hands and feet, there is pain in the hands and feet, those people get great benefit from this rule. Do such yogasanas, due to which there is any kind of pain in your body, it goes away.

3. Beneficial in purifying blood

By doing Mahavirasana, the blood of the body purifies and the flow accelerates, due to which the body becomes energetic and the mind remains happy.

4. Heals the Digestive System

Mahavirasana improves digestion power and increases appetite, its practice strengthens the muscles of the thighs there and it removes obesity by reducing the extra belly fat.

5. Breathable Work Strengthens the Throat

Mahavirasana strengthens the air corpus of the lungs in the current respiratory tract, this asana removes the representative and develops courage and strength in the person, due to which the person’s brain feels a different pleasure in the body.

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6. Semen disorder is removed

By doing Mahavirasana, semen disorders in the body are removed, it is also beneficial for institutions.

By doing this asana, the spine becomes strong and back pain is removed….

Do yoga and live a healthy life

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