We all know that Dandasana is considered to be an easy one which can usually be seen to be done anywhere in the arena in the village, what are the benefits of governance, hardly anyone knows that Dandasana was used as a wrestler and wrestling arena in the olden days. They were done on the punishment, which had a good effect on the body. Wrestlers have to apply the most favorite punishment. The Dandasana posture is compatible with the same process in which the upper part is raised from the waist until the body and the duty. The shape of a triangle should not be formed in the middle, this asana is practiced in the arena and wrestling wrestlers do it daily. Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power

Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power
Dandasana Yogasana

Simple steps to perform Dandasana

1. First of all, by laying the secretary in your yoga posture in the environment, lie down on it on your stomach and keep your two legs together and stretched . Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power

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2. After this, keeping a little distance between your two hands, keep the hand in the chest exactly in the seed with the elbow bent.

3. Now considering your whole body as a whole, slowly keep breathing in and giving the weight of the body on the toes, raise the body with the help of both the hands till both the hands are completely straight. Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power

4. After this, while exhaling slowly, slowly keep the body down a little above the floor and inhaling again take the body up, in this way breathing up and coming down while exhaling repeat this process again and again. At the end of this asana, leave it together and rest for a while.

Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power
Dandasana Yogasana

Benefits of Dandasana

By doing this asana, the muscles of the left shoulder and chest develop and the arms and legs become hard and strong, this asana is very beneficial to make the chest wide and strong, by doing this regime daily, the lean body and the person who His chest does not speak, his chest starts widening very soon, due to which the paws and the palms are also strong, due to continuous practice of yoga, they become hard and strong.

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By doing Dandasana asana, the power of breathing increases and the throat swells and the lungs are provided with plenty of oxygen and all the parts of the body remain strong. After this, the oxygen level in the body is always large, due to which all the chances of getting BP high and low are reduced, your blood circulation continues in a constant amount, with Dandasana posture, all the parts of the body. To get proper benefits, do this yoga asana Dandasana Yogasana increases breathing power


With as much awareness as we apply the postures of yoga practice, we should also be aware that what precautions are very important to take while doing these yoga asanas, what precautions should be taken while doing Dandasana, which people should not do this asana. Let us knowIf you have any type of pain in your lower back or in your wrist

If you have any type of pain in your lower back or in your wrist…

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