Benefits of Yoga in menstrual cycle pain

If the body is hard working, then it remains healthy. Keeps healthy Chakki Chalnasana is an example of the same. The name of Chakki Chal Asana Yogasana has been taken in Sanskrit where Chakki means Millia Sweat, Chalana means churning and Asana means posture while practicing this asana, your body appears as such. It is like you are running a mill, hence its name is Chakki Chalnasana Benefits of Yoga in menstrual cycle pain

Chakki chalanasana benefits in menstrual cycle pain
Chakki chalanasana

Method of doing Chakki Chalanasana

1. To do this, first of all, you should use a clean Location, on which lay your yoga mat and sit on it with both your feet facing forward.

2. To do this asana, you can sit in the posture of Dandasana, which will make it easy to apply this asana.

3. After sitting in the position of Dandasana, spread both your legs away from each other

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4. After this, keep your spine straight and keep both the hands straight on the floor, now raise both the hands and straighten them towards the front of your mouth.

5. Now by intertwining the fingers of both the hands, bring the upper part of your body forward while connecting both the hands and taking each breath inwards and move both the hands towards the right foot.

6. While exhaling, bring both the hands back from the side of the left leg.

7. Similarly, the posture will start getting easier, now after doing this for some time, do it in the opposite direction from them, try to do this rule 5 to 10 times in each direction. Benefits of Yoga in menstrual cycle pain

Chakki chalanasana benefits in menstrual cycle pain
Chakki chalanasana

Benefits of chakki chalanasana

1. This asana has benefits in making the spine flexible. Most of the time by doing this asana, there is an effect on the spine, which leads to flexibility in the spine, due to which sometimes there is pain or gab in the spine. don’t have problems

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2. After doing Chakki Chalnasana, sleep becomes good, people suffering from insomnia can be usefully treated with asanas.

3. Chakki Chalnasana is also very effective in creating easy concentration and balance in the mind, due to which your mind can concentrate on anything with a concentrated mind.

4. Governance also has many benefits to remove mental stress and tension.

5.Chakki Chalnasana helps in preventing pain in the sciatic nerve, the sciatic nerve is greatly benefited by this asana

6. This asana is useful for strengthening the muscles of the uterus of women and its regular practice saves from pain or menstrual cycle.

7. This asana helps to tone the abdomen, arms and abdomen


This rule should not be done by pregnant women, it has been said that people suffering from blood pressure or low blood pressure or slip disc should not do it if there is any other type of abdominal pain, then only the regime should not be done if you have hernia or any kind If you have gone through surgery, then you should not do this asana, you should do this asana on an empty stomach and after meals, you should keep a gap of at least four to 6 hours to do this asana, if you are suffering from any disease then you A doctor should be consulted before practicing this asana.Chakki chalanasana benefits in menstrual cycle pain

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The chakki chalanasana should not exceed its capacity…

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