The Young and the Restless star Victoria Newman has been an iconic character on daytime television since 1982. She’s currently played by actress Amelia Heinle, who started in 2010. This wiki biography of the much-loved character will tell you everything you need to know about her, from her early days to her present day storylines. Get started on your wiki journey of learning about Victoria Newman by reading the rest of this article! The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More

Wiki Biography and more

Victoria is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on CBS. She was created by William J. Bell, who also created another popular character for CBS daytime television, Erica Kane. Portrayed by Amelia Heinle (as an adult) and child actress Jenessa Grant (aged 5-9), Victoria has been a staple in Genoa City since 1982, when she first appeared as a baby in-utero onscreen at her mother’s funeral!

The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More
The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More


A native of Genoa City, Wisconsin, was born in 1982 to Brad Sullivan and Nikki Reed. She is of Polish descent on her mother’s side, English on her father’s side, as well as German. The second youngest of three children, she also has an older brother named Nicholas (Nick) Prescott Sullivan (aka Nicholas Nick Newman). Raised mostly by her mother, she rarely saw her dad.


Victoria was born to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott). She has four siblings; Nicholas, Kristina, Johnny, and Abby. When her mother left town in 1985, she moved in with her aunt Irene Ramsey (Ann Morgan Guilbert). While living there she briefly had a stepmother named Dinah Marler (Tracey E. Bregman) who then married Victor. In 1986 Nikki came back to town along with a son named Drew.

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While much of Victoria’s romantic past was documented onscreen, she has had more than her fair share of boyfriends. Nick is by far her most significant relationship. He was married to Nikki and they were extremely happy until they learned that Nikki’s supposed miscarriage, resulting in Nick’s son Christian, was actually a child that had been stolen from their embryo lab.

Physical info

Married – Aiken Drummond (1999-2006, died) Scott Baldwin (2005-present)  Child – AJ Aiken (with Aiken Drummond) Colleen Carlton Dylan (with Scott Baldwin)  Grandchildren – Johnny Abbott, Kyle Abbott  Relationship with Victor Newman : Father in law, Employer before his death

The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More
The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More


Credited as a child actress from 1979 to 1982, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Ingenue in 1981. While acting on Y&R, she continued to appear in commercials (including Diet Coke), television shows, and films.


3 Daytime Emmy Awards (2 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series; 1 for Outstanding Younger Actress) 12 Daytime Emmy Award nominations (8 for Leading Actress, 4 for Supporting Actress). 8 Soap Opera Digest Awards nominations. 14 Soap Opera Digest Award wins. 1 National Television Awards nomination. 2 National Television Award wins.

A Brief History of Y&R Star Victoria

Before becoming one of Genoa City’s finest, Victoria was born in 1982 to Victor Lord (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott). After a turbulent childhood that saw her lose her mother at a young age, she found herself working for Chancellor Industries. She later began an affair with Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John), which resulted in Victor being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Early Life of Wikipdia Listings

Born Victoria Elizabeth Newman, she was raised as a sheltered only child by her father Victor and single mother Nikki. She had an older half-sister named Courtney, who lived with them for a time before being sent away to boarding school in Switzerland to be out of Victor’s hair, which made it easier for him to focus on his work and raise his daughter alone. Growing up, she learned from Victor all about how he got his start in business from friends in Hong Kong when he was young.

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How Old Is She In Real Life?

Many soap opera characters are portrayed by actors that are far older than their character is supposed to be. In many cases, soap operas may air episodes years after they were actually taped. This can make it very hard for viewers to determine how old some of these characters really are in real life. That said, many people have gone out of their way to investigate just how old some of these actors might be in real life… and some of them may surprise you! How old do you think she is?

The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More
The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More

Age-Gap Romance with Adam Newman

Adam Newman is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on CBS. He is portrayed by Justin Hartley. Adam made his first appearance in 2001. Adam was born in 1982 and has been portrayed by Hartley since 2005, who was 20 years old at that time, making him only 5 years older than his co-star Heather Tom when they started their relationship.

Will She Ever Have Kids?

As of now, Victoria Newman has not had any children. The 39-year-old has been married twice in her life so far. She is currently married to billionaire business tycoon Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). The couple got married back in 2007 after a number of delays caused by identity crises on both sides as well as multiple divorces. So will she ever have kids? It sure seems like it. In recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on her desire to have children… Continue reading…

Relationship With Her Mom Colleen Carlton

Colleen Carlton is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on CBS. In 1984, Caroline Hunter left daytime television to pursue other interests. The role was recast with Barbara Crampton; in 1986, however, Crampton took a maternity leave (she returned six months later). Hunter returned to play Colleen as well as portray two new characters: Maggie Carpenter and Margo Winters.

Q. & A.

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for our site. We are very excited about your role as new leader of Newman Enterprises. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re working on at NG? As CEO, I have a lot on my plate, but my number one priority is making sure that I continue running an ethical company while keeping Victor’s legacy alive. It is extremely important to me that we maintain our family values and integrity as we move forward.

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Who is Victoria Newman Real life husband?

In real life, as in fictional Genoa City, Victoria’s long time love interest is Victor Newman. Her relationship with Victor began in 1993 when they met in Paris while she was attending L’Academie de Cuisine. She was an aspiring chef at the time. After returning to Genoa City, they began a torrid affair.

Is Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott brother and sister in real life?

Victoria was born onscreen in 1982, portrayed by child actress Dawn Lyn. She remained a character on The Young and the Restless until 1984. In 1991, she was reintroduced onscreen as an adult by Amelia Heinle.

The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More
The Young and the Restless Star Victoria Newman: Wiki Biography and More

Are Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill still married?

Yes, both actors have been married since 2008. Heinle is married to Thad Luckinbill, who also appears on The Young and The Restless. Heinle revealed her marriage on Twitter in August 2015, a day after she shared a photo of herself with her husband on Instagram. Both pictures were taken during their wedding ceremony. On March 27, 2016, Heinle announced that she was pregnant with her first child on Twitter via a photo of her growing baby bump and said she was due in October 2016.

Is Victoria leaving?

Despite reports that Victor is considering leaving town, fans of The Young and the Restless don’t have to worry that Amelia Heinle, who plays his daughter Victoria Newman, will be gone from their screens anytime soon. I think there has been speculation about a recast but I am not aware of any, Heinle told Soaps In Depth via email.

How many times has Victoria Newman been married?

In total, she has been married 4 times. Her first husband was Victor Newman whom she married in 1984 before he died in 1986 of a heart attack. Her second husband was Jack Abbott whom she married in 1987 but left him after discovering that he had fathered a son with Nikki Reed. She then became engaged to her third husband, Brad Carlton, but broke it off to go on a business trip to London with Jack.

How many times has Nick Newman been married?

Nick has been married to three different women, Sharon (Sharon Case), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). Nick first married Sharon back in 2003, but they divorced three years later. He later married Phyllis, a woman he cheated on Sharon with. The pair were married for two years before Nick decided to leave her at their wedding altar. He then married Chelsea, who turned out to be an imposter named Kristen Blake and not his fiancée.

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