Writing as Kevin Gates, he released his debut album, Stranger Than Fiction, in 2011, which was produced entirely by ID Labs and featured guest appearances from Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. He subsequently signed with Epic Records, before moving to Atlantic Records in 2013. He released his second album By Any Means in 2014 and followed up with the release of the mixtape Islah in 2016, which debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 chart and was supported by the single 2 Phones. His third studio album Chained to the City will be released on December 8th 2018. American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More

Wiki Biography and more

This American rapper was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 24, 1986. He started as a poet with an interest in writing spoken word pieces when he was just nine years old. He is also a songwriter who performs gospel music. Gates wrote many of his songs while he was incarcerated. His first official studio album, Stranger Than Fiction, came out in 2013 and has since gone Gold. American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More

American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More
American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More


He attended Baton Rouge Community College before beginning his music career. He signed a record deal with Artista in late 2010. The same year, he released his debut mixtape, The Luca Brasi Story. His next two releases, By Any Means (2011) and Stranger Than Fiction (2012), were distributed by Bread Winners’ Association. Gates released his fourth mixtape of 2013, titled Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, on September 23 via Atlantic Records.

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Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gates was raised by his grandmother, who he considers his mother. He is close with his family. [16] He has two children with longtime girlfriend Chevelle Hallmon: a daughter named Kennedy (born October 6, 2012) and a son named Caden (born January 1, 2015). [17] [18] [19] It was announced on May 17th 2017 that Gates had become engaged to her after one year of dating.


When it comes to dating, singer-songwriter Kevin Gates seems to have a firm grasp on his approach. In an interview with XXL, Gates said he will not date until he’s married. The reason is simple: I don’t want to fall in love because I know what falling in love does to people. In other words, if you fall in love with someone who doesn’t return your feelings, it can be devastating.

Physical info

Physical info Weight (6 ft 1 in; 185.5 cm): 180 lb (82 kg)


Gates’ debut studio album is The Luca Brasi Story, which was released in 2012. He has released four mixtapes: Stranger Than Fiction (2012), By Any Means (2013), Murder for Hire (2014) and Stranger Than Fiction 2: The Gift, as well as one EP called Luca Brasi Story 2.+

American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More
American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More


In December 2011, Gates was named one of The 10 Freshmen Of The Year by MTV. That same month, Gates was nominated for BET’s Best New Artist of the Year. In March 2012, Gates received his first award from hip-hop magazine The Source in their annual Top Dawg Awards, winning Undiscovered Hitter of The Year. He also received a nomination for their Performer of The Year award.

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Who is Kevin Jerome Gilyard?

Gates’ music is characterized by his raw, emotional voice and delivery. His songs discuss a range of topics, including personal issues such as relationships, infidelity, depression, substance abuse, race relations and everyday life situations. He was arrested in July 2013 for an outstanding warrant stemming from an altercation in January 2013 with a fan at a performance; he was booked on one count of aggravated battery. The charge was dropped after Gates completed 50 hours of community service.

How Successful Is He?

Gates’ first single, I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT), was released on December 21, 2011. The song features Young Jeezy and was produced by Will-A-Fool. The music video was released on March 10, 2012.

His Music Career

Gates released his debut studio album, Islah, on January 29, 2016. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200. Gates released two mixtapes prior to Islah: Murder for Hire in 2011 and Stranger Than Fiction in 2013.

His Businesses

In early 2010, Gates signed a deal with Atlantic Records and fellow Chicago-based rapper Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. He released his debut studio album Stranger Than Fiction in October 2012. The album peaked at number 13 on Billboard Top Rap Albums chart. On May 20, 2014, Gates released his second studio album By Any Means, which became his first top 10 release as it peaked at number 9 on Billboard 200 chart.

Q. & A.

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American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More
American Rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard Wiki Biography and More

How did Kevin Gates get rich?

Kevin Gates released his debut album, Islah, in January 2016. He followed it up with By Any Means 2 in December of that year. Islah debuted at number four on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart upon its release. It also reached number one on both Top Rap Albums and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, respectively.

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Is Kevin Gates a billionaire?

Kevin Gates was arrested in July 2016 for battery, intimidation, and criminal mischief after allegedly kicking a woman (reportedly his sister-in-law) in her face during an argument. He made bail two days later, but was arrested again later that month after he kicked a female fan at one of his shows. Gates plead guilty to disorderly conduct for that incident.

Why did Kevin Gates change his name?

Gates stated in an interview that he changed his name because he felt like everyone else was doing it. I wanted to stand out.

Is Moneybagg Yo rich?

Yes. Moneybagg Yo is undoubtedly a very rich artist. By knowing what you know about him, do you think that he could make it all by himself? Or does he have an entourage of people who help him with all aspects of his music career? Let’s try to find out by looking at his net worth in 2018. Being signed to Bread Winners’ Association, Moneybagg Yo has been able to put together a total net worth of $250,000 according to some sources.

What kind of car does Kevin Gates Drive?

Gates drives a white Range Rover, which has earned him his own meme of appreciation. He has been quoted as saying that he doesn’t drive for show, but just because he can. The car will only be sold if something bad happens to it, in which case he would rather have a brand new one anyway. He has said that it isn’t any better than others.

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