Yoga makes an important contribution to the culture of India. There are many types of yogasanas in yoga, in which alom vilom is a very important pranayama. Encourages physics Gives more energy and oxygen to the body due to which the level of unity of the body remains large The body remains healthy and happy More energy and oxygen and helps in calming your nerves and improving blood circulation How to do Alom Vilom in Yoga

How to do Alom Vilom in Yoga
Alom Vilom

 How to do alom vilom

 Method of doing alom vilom, hold your right nostril with the thumb and breathe through the left nostril, close the left nostril with the ring finger and open the right nostril and exhale, now breathe in through the right nostril then open the left nostril and exhale It is the nostril from which you exhale, take breath in from the same nostril, do this continuously 20 times a day. How to do Alom Vilom in Yoga

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 Benefits of doing alom vilom

 Those people who have heart problems, do alom vilom for 15 minutes daily, it seems to the blood circulation, so that the person doing alom vilom will never have a heart attack, said blood pressure. Stomach 15 to 20 minutes, due to which blood pressure is controlled, due to high blood pressure, one may have to face very serious diseases like paralysis brain hemorrhage. All these problems can be best treated through yoga alone because by doing Pranayama of alom vilom, yoga has been given an important place in Indian culture, which is It is 100% helpful in removing the problems of the body without medical treatment.


 Hello, take special care while doing Vilom Pranayama, it is very important to take care if you are doing this for the first time, then it is very important to do it comfortably and a little, the patients of the said blood pressure should avoid holding the breath, those who have high blood pressure, that alom While doing the reverse, do not hold your mother-in-law for a long time, due to which the problem may arise, it is very important for the asthma patient to do this pranayama slowly. After doing this, the body will start getting improvement and benefits and the habit of this pranayama is also very important in life, in which alom-vilom is considered to be very important and it is very beneficial for the problems arising in the body. How to do Alom Vilom in Yoga

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Adopt healthy yoga.

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