Peter Nwachukwu the husband of Osinachi

A man from Nigeria’s Anambra state has been revealed to be the husband of the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu. Details of his life are currently unknown, but he may be best known as the guy who married into Nigeria’s first family of gospel music. Here’s all you need to know about Peter Nwachukwu, the husband of Osinachi.

Wiki Peter Nwachukwu the husband of Osinachi

Peter Uchechukwu Ezekiel Nwachukwu (born March 22, 1971), best known as Peter Nwachukwu is a Nigerian entrepreneur and socialite. He is also known for being married to late Nigerian gospel singer Sister Osinachi (the 1st wife). They have one child together.

Bio (Age) Peter Nwachukwu the husband of Osinachi

Peter is a Nigerian man from Nnewi in Anambra state. He is married to gospel artiste, Osinachi. The two got married on 13th November 2000 and they have five children together.

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Peter and Osinachi Wedding (Dates)

February 28th 2007 – She got married to Mr. Peter in Anambra state in Nigeria on February 28th 2007. The ceremony was an epic event according to reports by those who attended.

Peter Nwachukwu the husband of Osinachi
Peter Nwachukwu the husband of Osinachi

Peter on social media

If you’re looking for Peter Nwachukwu on social media, it’s probably a good idea to head over to his wife’s Facebook page. With over 2 million followers, it’s easy to see why Peter doesn’t have one himself.

The reason behind his wife’s death revealed?

The late gospel singer Osinachi took her last breath on Thursday 18th March 2018 at a hospital in Abuja. Late Osinachi died after suffering a heart attack. It has now been revealed that her Husband Peter had something to do with her death. According to sources close to family, she died due to too much stress from pressure from members of their church who were angry that she was having an affair with another pastor. Read more..

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 Peter nwachukwu husband

Peter Nwachukwu is a Nigerian man from Nnewi, Anambra state who is best known to be the husband of late gospel singer Osinachi. The truth about him killing his wife has been revealed by his late wife’s brother whom he called to inform him about her death and told him he killed her because she refused to sleep with other men in front of him while they were on their way back home after winning an award at FAME music festival.

 Peter nwachukwu age

he is 54 years old. peter nwachukwu age: he is 54 years old.

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