Madison Elle Brew is an American artist who has been making a title for herself since 2012. Her career started with the covers she posted to YouTube, which she picked up significant media scope for when Justin Bieber posted a connect to one of them. Since at that point, Brew has discharged her make a big appearance single “Songs” in 2013 and her make a big appearance EP As She in 2018. In this web journal post, we are going investigate the discography of Madison Elle Brew and everything that creates her a rising star within the music industry. Songs and More: The Discography of Madison Elle Brew


The 2013 single that put Madison Elle Brew on the outline is her make a big appearance tune, “Songs”. The track could be a sultry blend of pop and R&B, and it rapidly picked up footing after Justin Bieber tweeted approximately it. The song’s verses, which reflect on the troubles of a long-distance relationship, gave audience members a see into Beer’s enthusiastic and defenseless side. The single moreover earned her a assignment for Choice Music Breakout Craftsman at the 2013 Adolescent Choice Grants. “Tunes” set the tone for Beer’s career and opened up numerous entryways for her to proceed making important music.


Madison Elle Beer’s moment single, “Unbreakable,” was discharged in 2017 and could be a culminate grandstand of her vocal run and adroit generation. This track is an playful pop tune that talks to the quality of people who have experienced troublesome times. The song’s message is around being solid and flexible no matter what hardships may come your way. With its catchy refrain and effective verses, this melody is beyond any doubt to be an song of devotion for anybody managing with misfortune. Musically, “Unbreakable” is driven by a driving beat and overwhelming basslines, complemented by synths and horns to bring a one of a kind flavor to the generation. The track has earned praise from numerous faultfinders and is beyond any doubt to be a staple in Beer’s discography for a long time to come. Songs and More: The Discography of Madison Elle Brew

Songs and More: The Discography of Madison Elle Brew
Songs and More: The Discography of Madison Elle Brew


Madison Elle Beer’s 2017 single, “Dead”, could be a terrible anthem that regrets the misfortune of adore. The generation of the melody is moderate, highlighting Beer’s capable and emotive vocals. In an meet with Earmilk, Brew clarified that the melody was composed in a troublesome time of her life, when she had to confront individual misfortunes. The melancholic lyrics are both heart-wrenching and relatable, as Brew sings approximately not being able to come to terms with the torment of losing somebody she adored.

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The tune serves as an illustration of Beer’s capacity to communicate crude feeling through her music. The melody come to over 14 million streams on Spotify and has been lauded for its powerlessness and its capacity to resound with audience members.

As Lager said herself in an meet with Idolator: “This melody implies so much to me, it’s difficult for me to put into words. I fair trust that it reverberates with individuals which they can feel something when theytune in to it.”

Domestic with You

Discharged in Eminent of 2018, “Home with You” is the fifth single off Madison Elle Beer’s make a big appearance EP As She Satisfies. The track may be a heart-warming cherish tune that captures the feeling of needing to be with the one you love, no matter where you’re .

Within the to begin with verse, Lager sings around how no matter what she does or where she goes, she will always find her way back to the person she adores. “No matter how distant I go, I continuously discover my way back domestic with you,” she warbles. Her verses are sponsored up by an upbeat beat and catchy snares.

The refrain is all around letting the individual you adore know that you’ll continuously be there for them. Lager sings, “Wherever I wander, no matter where I am, I fair want you to know, I’m never far from home.”

Generally, “Home with You” could be a powerful adore song of devotion that produces audience members feel cheerful and secure in their connections. Beer’s enthusiastic vocals and wonderful verses capture the sentiments of longing and association impeccably, making it one of the standout tracks from her make a big appearance EP.

Say It to My Confront

Say It to My Confront is the fifth track from Madison Elle Beer’s make a big appearance EP, As She Satisfies. The tune is an enabling song of devotion that energizes audience members to stand up to their frailties head-on. The track is intensely impacted by pop and R&B sorts, and highlights overwhelming synths and a driving drumbeat.

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Expressively, the melody addresses topics of self-confidence and diligence. Beer sings about confronting her fears and not backing down in spite of the difficulty she may confront. The refrain of the melody is particularly capable, with Brew singing, “Don’t be frightened to let me know what you think/I can take it on the off chance that you say it to my face.” She too includes an extra layer of profundity to the melody by examining her claim individual battles and how she overcame them.

The music video for Say It to My Confront was discharged on February 23rd, 2018. The video takes after Brew as she navigates her way through a shinning, neon-lit world filled with artists, lights, and mirrors. All through the video, Brew is seen performing in different areas and locks in with different characters, all of whom represent distinctive perspectives of her identity. By the conclusion of the video, Brew has acknowledged herself for who she is and grasps her blemishes.

Say It To My Confront may be a culminate case of Madison Elle Beer’s interesting brand of pop music. It’s an elevating and motivating tune that energizes listeners to stand up to their own uncertainties head-on.


One of Madison Elle Beer’s most well known singles is her tune “Silly,” discharged in 2018. The track is an cheery pop melody that investigates the control of adoring somebody indeed in case they don’t respond the same sentiments. Brew communicates a want to stay faithfuland loyal to the question of her affections in any case of what they may say or do. The music video for the melody, which was discharged on May 25th 2018, highlights Brew being enveloped in a shinning pink shine as she performs in a assortment of pastel-colored outfits. The video has been seen over 10 million times and has become one of Beer’s most famous visuals. Expressively, the track subtle elements how it can feel silly to adore somebody who does not love you back, however Lager recognizes that this kind of foolishness is still worth it.

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We Are Beasts

The fifth tune on Madison Elle Beer’s 2018 make a big appearance EP, As She Satisfies, is titled “We Are Monsters.” The synth-pop track is one of the more cheery melodies on the record, as well as one of the foremost idealistic.

Brew composed “We Are Monsters” in arrange to specific her struggles with self-doubt and frailties that have plagued her for much of her life. Through her verses, she looks for to energize her audience members to embrace their blemishes and get it that it is those exceptionally blemishes that make us extraordinary. The refrain entireties up this thought impeccably, rehashing the line “We are creatures, but we are not alone.”

The generation on “We Are Monsters” emphasizes the elevating tone of the tune, with a bouncy beat and shinning synths making a feeling of trust and positivity. In differentiate, the verses are more stifled, passing on the emotions of vulnerability and fear that frequently come with developing up.

As with numerous of the tunes on As She Satisfies, Brew composed “We Are Monsters” whereas she was still in tall school. The track is an song of devotion of sorts, encouraging those who are battling to see internal and realize that they are not alone. It is a tune of acknowledgment and strengthening, encouraging audience members to grasp their possess one of a kind qualities.

Harms Like Hell

Madison Elle Beer’s “Hurts Like Hell” is an up-tempo electro-pop tune with an engaging message. The tune is an song of devotion of flexibility, because it encourages audience members to continue on in spite of their battles. The refrain is fantastically catchy and has been utilized in some prevalent TikTok patterns.

The music video for “Hurts Like Hell” centers on Beer’s travel to self-discovery and getting to be comfortable in her possess skin. It takes after her story of rising over her inner demons and endeavoring for her best self. The visuals for the video are dazzling and the choreography includes an additional punch to the tune.

The single was discharged in 2018 and gotten bounty of laud from fans and faultfinders alike. It grandstands Beer’s extraordinary vocal range and her solid messages of self-love and tirelessness. “Hurts Like Hell” is an motivating pop song of devotion that will take off you feeling enabled and prepared to require on the world.

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