Aja Volkman Reynolds is an American vocalist and lyricist who is most broadly known as the frontwoman of the indie shake band Nico Vega. Be that as it may, she has moreover as of late set out on a solo wander with her previous spouse, Dan Reynolds, beneath the moniker Egyptian. Together, they have discharged an EP titled Egyptian. This web journal post will investigate Aja Volkman Reynolds’ solo wander with Egyptian. Aja Volkman Reynolds solo wander with Egyptian

What made you need to do a solo venture?

I’ve continuously needed to investigate my claim songwriting and have the opportunity to record my claim work. I’ve been playing music since I was a child, but never truly had the chance to exhibit my possess unique tunes and get them out into the world. I needed to form something that was interestingly my own which I might be glad of. Working on this solo venture has been a awesome outlet for me to precise myself and take proprietorship of my craftsmanship. It’s been an astounding encounter and a part of fun! Aja Volkman Reynolds solo wander with Egyptian

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How did you come up with the title ‘Egyptian’?

The title ‘Egyptian’ was something that Dan and I came up with together. We needed to make something extraordinary and special, so we begun doing a few inquire about on antiquated Egypt and its imagery. We in the long run settled on the thought of utilizing the Eye of Horus as a central theme for our venture and from there, the title ‘Egyptian’ appeared like a characteristic fit.

We were moreover exceptionally inquisitive about investigating the thought of duality in our music. Egypt could be a put where two diverse societies, East and West, meet. It appeared like an perfect representation for the melodic association between Dan and I – two apparently different melodic styles coming together to create something modern.

We felt that the title ‘Egyptian’ passed on a sense of riddle, agelessness, and adventure that we needed to investigate through our music. We are exceptionally pleased of what we’ve been able to realize with our EP and feel that the title ‘Egyptian’ typifies the soul of our collaboration flawlessly.

Aja Volkman Reynolds solo wander with Egyptian
Aja Volkman Reynolds solo wander with Egyptian

What was it like working along with your spouse on this extend?

Working with my spouse on the Egyptian venture was both energizing and challenging. We worked truly difficult to form something that was genuine to both of our person imaginative dreams, whereas moreover making something we seem both be glad of as a group. It was unquestionably a special involvement, as we had never some time recently worked together on a melodic extend.

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We pushed each other and challenged ourselves to reach modern statures, which was a extraordinary learning involvement for both of us. We moreover had fun investigating diverse sounds and styles, testing and seeing what worked best for us. We found that the combination of our voices and the electronic-tinged shake sound of the EP was something that reverberated with us. We put ourhearts into the music and it turned out superior than we ever anticipated.

What’s your favorite tune on the EP?

My favorite tune on the EP is “Good Times, Terrible Times.” This melody has an elevating, however pensive vibe that I adore. The verses investigate the magnificence and pity of life, and the tunes are both relieving and driving. The refrain of this melody is so elevating and cheerful: “But it’s gonna be okay/ When we see the morning light.” I moreover cherish how the tune builds from a stripped down verse to an playful refrain, displaying my extend as a vocalist. By and large, this tune captures the soul of the EP superbly, making it my favorite track on the collection.

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What’s another for you?

I’m energized to see where the long run takes me! I’m as of now in the handle of writing and recording unused music, both solo and with Nico Vega. I’m too investigating distinctive imaginative roads, counting creating and coordinating music recordings for myself and other specialists. I’m moreover continuing to collaborate with distinctive artists and scholars to form new music. I’m continuously trying to find ways to proceed to develop as an craftsman and thrust the boundaries of music and craftsmanship. No matter what comes following, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to specific myself through music and be a portion of something so uncommon.

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