Jörg Andreas Kachelmann is a Swiss media figure who has achieved success in numerous areas of the meteorological field. He’s best known as a presenter, intelligencer, and entrepreneur, and has made an emotional impact on the Swiss media geography. With an emotional list of accomplishments, Kachelmann is an inspiring figure for anyone looking to make a mark in their chosen field. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Jörg Andreas Kachelmann’s career, his achievements, and how he has managed to make a lasting print on the Swiss media assiduity. Who Is Jorg Andreas Kachelmann Swiss Journalist Entrepreneur and Presenter

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann’s Wiki Bio

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann is a Swiss presenter, intelligencer, and entrepreneur in the meteorological field. Born on April 17, 1958, in Freiburg, Germany, Kachelmann began his professional career in journalism in 1982. He started working at the indigenous review

Badische Zeitung before moving to Switzerland in 1989, where he started reporting for German- speaking television and radio stations. He also joined the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation( SRG SSR) as a rainfall presenter in 1995, a position he held until 2002.

Kachelmann has also worked as a wisdom intelligencer and journalist for colorful publications, including Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte and German magazine Der Spiegel. In addition to his work as a intelligencer, he also penned several books related to meteorology and rainfall soothsaying.

In 2002, Kachelmann innovated Meteomedia AG, a private rainfall service provider grounded in Zurich. The company presently

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provides services in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. In 2012, Kachelmann vended the maturity stake of the company to a German insurance group.

Kachelmann returned to SRG SSR in 2007 as the main presenter for rainfall vaticinations. He abnegated from this position in 2020 due to legal issues related to an contended rape of which he was cleared of all charges in 2018. He continues to work as a freelance intelligencer and presenter in the meteorology field. Who Is Jorg Andreas Kachelmann Swiss Journalist Entrepreneur and Presenter

His Career in Journalism

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann has had a long and successful career in journalism. He began his career as a journalist in the early 1980s, covering stories related to rainfall and climate change. In the 1990s, he moved into the world of TV, getting a presenter for colorful

news channels. He also wrote and produced pictures on meteorological motifs.

In 2004, Kachelmannco-founded Meteomedia, a company devoted to producing accurate rainfall vaticinations. The company was snappily successful and grew to come a leader in the field of meteorology. He also came one of the most recognizable faces on German TV, hosting shows like “ Heute im Morgen ”, “ Wetterleuchten ” and “ Vorwärts immer ”.

Kachelmann is known for his high norms when it comes to delicacy in his work. His donations are grounded on expansive exploration and dependable data sources, making him a trusted source of meteorological information. His work has won him numerous awards, including the Deutscher Wetterpreis and the Europäischer Klimapreis. He’s largely admired in the meteorological community and continues to be an important part of the assiduity moment.

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His Work as an Entrepreneur

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann is no foreigner to success in the field of meteorology, and his entrepreneurial trials are just as emotional. After working for colorful TV stations as a meteorologist, Kachelmann began to concentrate his sweats on developing technology results for meteorological-affiliated issues. In 1994, he innovated the company WetterOnline GmbH, which specializes in rainfall services, including the development of a range of mobile apps. He also created an online database of further than,000 rainfall stations across Germany.

Kachelmann has used his knowledge and moxie to come involved with several other innovative gambles. In 2001, he established a rainfall soothsaying service called OMC Markets, which aimed to give investors and dealers with real- time data. He also went on to develop a web- grounded system known as Eumetcast, which offered satellite- delivered images to be broadcasted on websites.

The Swiss entrepreneur is also a board member at two other companies, videlicet Tridelta Air Technologies GmbH and Verein Gewitterwarnung Deutschlande.V. At Tridelta Air Technologies, Kachelmann works with the exploration and development of new aircraft machines. Meanwhile, at the Verein Gewitterwarnung Deutschlande.V., Kachelmann plays an active part in raising mindfulness

Who Is Jorg Andreas Kachelmann Swiss Journalist Entrepreneur and Presenter
Who Is Jorg Andreas Kachelmann Swiss Journalist Entrepreneur and Presenter

about the troubles of lightning and showers.

Kachelmann’s entrepreneurial trials demonstrate his skill and fidelity to the field of meteorology. His emotional array of achievements showcases how his vision and drive have enabled him to make groundbreaking advancements in the field. His work as an entrepreneur is testament to his commitment and desire to revise the world of meteorology and its affiliated technologies.

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His Presenting Work

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann has enjoyed a long and successful career as a presenter. He first began presenting rainfall vaticinations in Germany in the 1990s. Since also, he has gone on to present several other meteorological programs, including Wetterkanal, Weltwetter, Kachelmanns Wetter, and more.

Kachelmann has entered multitudinous awards and accolades for his work as a presenter. In 2002, he was named” Weatherman of the Time” by German TV channel ZDF. He has also been awarded the German order of Merit, and in 2004, he was nominated for the Grimme Prize.

In addition to his presenting work, Kachelmann is also known for his open views on climate change. He frequently speaks intimately about the need to take action to combat global warming and promote environmental protection. He has come a reputed advocate for the terrain, and his activism has inspired numerous people around the world.

Who Is Jorg Andreas Kachelmann Swiss Journalist Entrepreneur and Presenter What He is Doing Now

Jörg Andreas Kachelmann continues to work in the meteorological field, maintaining a strong presence on social media and in hisparticular gambles. His rearmost adventure is The Weather Company, a rainfall- concentrated media platform that offers rainfall- related content, products and services. He’s also a fat speaker, giving addresses and lectures around the world on the motifs of meteorology and climate change. As a philanthropist, he’s committed to promoting the significance of meteorological exploration and understanding climate change. He’s also active in the world of trades, particularly music, and has released several compendiums as part of his music design. Eventually, Kachelmann is a tutor for youthful entrepreneurs in the field of meteorology, offering advice and guidance for those looking to enter the assiduity.

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