Georgia Holt was a remarkable woman who wore many hats. A singer-songwriter, an actress, and a model, she was also the proud mother of iconic singer and actress Cher. Known for her multi-faceted career, Holt was a trailblazer in the entertainment industry who paved the way for her daughter’s success. In this blog post, we will explore Holt’s life and career, and discover the lasting legacy she has left behind. Georgia Holt: A Singer An Actress A Model and Cher s Mom

Early Life

Georgia Holt was born on September 9, 1926 in Merced, California. She was raised by her parents, a gas station attendant and a laundress. Her mother was an avid singer who taught her daughter how to sing. Georgia Holt started singing professionally when she was in her early teens, performing in clubs and on the radio.

She soon caught the attention of music producer Bill Porter and signed a record deal with RCA Victor Records. Her first single, Cry Baby, was released in 1953 and became a hit. After that, she released several more singles and made numerous appearances on TV shows.

Throughout her musical career, Holt was known for her strong vocals, bluesy style, and inventive arrangements. She released multiple albums and gained fame as a recording artist, but she also pursued acting and modeling. In 1957, she appeared in the movie Ten Thousand Bedrooms, and in 1962 she appeared in the film The Chapman Report. Holt also posed for Playboy Magazine in 1965.

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Holt’s most famous accomplishment is being the mother of Cher. She was married twice, with Sonny Bono being Cher’s father. Though their marriage ended in divorce, Holt and Bono remained close friends until his death in 1998. Georgia Holt: A Singer An Actress A Model and Cher s Mom


Georgia Holt was a true Renaissance woman. She had a successful career as a singer, actress, and model throughout the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

Her musical career began in 1949 when she recorded her first single Daddy’s Little Girl with Columbia Records. The song quickly became a hit and made its way onto the Top 10 Charts. From there, she recorded several more singles including It’s All in the Game and Little Things Mean a Lot.

Holt was also an accomplished actress who appeared in films such as The Yellow Balloon (1953) and Guns of Diablo (1964). In addition to acting, Holt also modeled for various magazines including Look, McCall’s, and Life.

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Holt’s most famous contribution to entertainment may be her mothering skills. She is best known as the mother of the iconic singer-songwriter, actress, and model Cher. Their bond is documented in the 1975 book The First Time and their 2005 collaboration on the album Living Proof.

Georgia Holt left behind a legacy of artistry that will always be remembered.

Personal Life

Georgia Holt was born in 1925 in Kansas City, Missouri. She began her career as a model and actress, appearing in several films and television shows throughout the 1950s and ’60s. Her most notable role was in 1964’s The Hallelujah Trail. She also appeared in such films as The Fox and the Hound and Oh, God!

Holt was married three times and had four children. Her third marriage, to singer-songwriter Sonny Bono, lasted from 1964 to 1975 and produced one daughter, Cher. In addition to her acting career, Holt was also an accomplished singer-songwriter and recorded albums throughout the 1960s. She released her first album, Georgia Holt Sings, in 1965.

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In her later years, Holt devoted much of her time to charitable work, primarily with the organization CARE. She was also an avid gardener and enjoyed traveling. Georgia Holt passed away in 2020 at the age of 95.

Georgia Holt: A Singer An Actress A Model and Cher s Mom
Georgia Holt: A Singer An Actress A Model and Cher s Mom


On August 19, 2020, Georgia Holt passed away at the age of 95. She died in Los Angeles, California.

Born Jackie Jean Crouch in Stephenville, Texas on June 9, 1925, Holt had a career that spanned several decades. She was a singer and songwriter, as well as an actress and model. Her daughter Cher credits her with giving her the courage to pursue a singing career.

Holt was married to John Sefchick and the couple had two children: Cher and Georganne LaPiere. Her other daughter, Goldie Yvonne, was born out of wedlock.

After her divorce from Sefchick, Holt went on to appear in the Broadway show Fade Out – Fade In and have a few minor roles in films. She also released several singles between 1960 and 1964.

Although Holt did not reach the same level of success as her daughter Cher, her legacy will live on. Holt will be remembered for her creativity, resilience, and unwavering love for her family.

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