Matthew Riddle is an American professional wrestler who’s making swells in the world of professional wrestling. As a former mixed martial artist, he brings an instigative combination of striking and scuffling to the ring. He’s presently inked to WWE and competes on the Raw brand. For all wrestling suckers, this is your one- stop companion to learn further about Matthew Riddle and his career. From his early days in MMA to his current status as a WWE Superstar, you will find everything you need to know about the man known as the King of Bros. All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle

Early Life and Education

Matthew Fredrick Riddle was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1986. He attended Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he was a two- time state champion wrestler. After graduating high academy in 2004, he attended East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and continued to scuffle, getting an NCAA Division II each- American in 2006.

mystery also transferred to the University of Central Florida( UCF) where he finished his collegiate wrestling career as a three- time NCAA Division I each- American. In 2008, he was the Pac- 10 Champion and the runner up at the NCAA Division I crowns. He graduated from UCF with a degree in history.

In 2010, Riddle transitioned to mixed martial trades( MMA) and began training at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. He contended professionally for Bellator MMA and latterly for Ultimate Fighting Championship( UFC), where he’d a successful six- time stint. During his time in UFC, Riddle won three Fight of the Night awards and a Performance of the Night award.

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In 2018, Riddle officially made the switch to professional wrestling and inked a contract with WWE. In 2019, he won the NXT Tag Team Championship with Pete Dunne and held it for 159 days before losing it to Imperium.

mystery presently performs on the WWE Raw brand. He’s considered one of the top wrestlers in the company and is known for his specialized wrestling chops, high flying capability and contagious seductiveness. All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle

MMA Career

Matthew Riddle began his professional fighting career in 2008, when he debuted with pen Fury Fighting Crowns. He snappily rose to elevation with his unorthodox, submission-heavy style and emotional triumphs over opponents similar as Tom Lawlor and Tom DeBlass.

mystery went on to contend in a number of MMA elevations including Bellator, Legacy FC and Titan FC. His most notable fight came against Nick Osipczak at UFC Fight Night 20 in 2010, where he was awarded the amicable decision palm.

Throughout his MMA career, Riddle earned a record of 8- 3, with five of those wins coming via submission. He also won threepost-fight performance lagniappes and was nominated for Fight of the Night honors on multiple occasions.

In 2014, Riddle blazoned his withdrawal from MMA in order to pursue a career in professional wrestling. He made his debut with WWE in 2015 and is now a part of the Raw brand.

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WWE Career

Since subscribing with WWE in 2018, Matthew Riddle has made a huge impact on the Raw brand. A former UFC fighter, mystery has snappily risen up the species and come one of the top stars in WWE.

At WWE’s NXT preemption Brooklyn 4 event, Riddle earned his first crown palm when he won the NXT Tag Team Championship alongside Pete Dunne. He went on to win the NXT North American Championship doubly, making him the first- ever two- time North American Champion.

mystery also inked to the Raw brand in 2020 and snappily made an impact. He’d a series of largely- accredited matches with stars like Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Ricochet. In March 2021, Riddle won the United States Championship, getting only the fourth megastar in history to win a mates title on both Raw and NXT.

mystery’s current career is still on the rise, and there’s no telling what heights he’ll reach in the future. He’s one of the most popular

All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle
All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle

wrestlers on the Raw brand and is sure to continue to entertain suckers for times to come. Other Ventures

Away from his professional wrestling career, Matthew Riddle has also ventured into other avenues. In 2011, he was the owner of a mixed martial trades association called Fight Me MMA, which he has since vended. He has also appeared in colorful pictures, including places in The Wrestler and Bloodsport. also, he has tried his hand at stage- up comedy, performing in front of live cult. Outside of the entertainment assiduity, mystery is also an advocate for gun control and beast weal. He’s a devoted vegan and regularly speaks out on behalf of the humane treatment of creatures. mystery is living evidence that wrestlers can take their passion for the sport and use it to make a positive impact on the world. All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle

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All You Need to Know About Professional Wrestler Matthew Riddle particular Life

Matthew Fredrick Riddle was born on January 14, 1986 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He’s the son of Fred and JoAnn Riddle and has three siblings. He attended Emmaus High School, where he bettered in amateur wrestling and placed third in the state event his elderly time.

mystery began training in mixed martial trades at a youthful age, ultimately getting an amateur MMA fighter in 2006. After a successful amateur career, mystery turned pro in 2008 and contended for colorful elevations in the USA and Japan, including pen Fury Fighting Crowns, Victory Fighting Championship, and Pancrase. During his MMA career, he amassed a professional record of 8 triumphs and 3 losses.

mystery made his professional wrestling debut in 2015 with Evolve Wrestling and soon inked a contract with WWE. He made his main canon debut on the Raw brand in 2019 and has since come one of the most popular stars on the canon. Away from wrestling, mystery is also an avaricious cybersurfer, who spends important of his free time in the ocean.In his particular life, mystery is married to fellow wrestler Samantha Schultz and they’ve two children together. The couple presently resides in Orlando, Florida.

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