Well, we all know this real hero very well, but there is so much work for this messiah, Sonu Sood is very lucky, who is living for the poor and needy of the world more than himself, so many of reel life. He will be a hero but Sonu Sood has proved to be not only a hero in both reel and real life, whether it is helping the laborers of the country in Covid 19 or treatment for sick laborers till they reach home and eat Sonu Sood more people than his life. Has the ability to keep an eye on the problems going on in life Sonu Sood Appeals for the help of the child Manha

Sonu Sood has appealed to the little girl Manha, who is only 08 months old, to come forward to help her with spinal muscular atrophy salt disease [disease that destroys the proteins of the nervous system and destroys them]. Suffering from this disease, the treatment of which is only Zolgesam injection from America, which costs 16 crores, which is an impossible effort for Manha’s mother Saba Parveen.Sonu Sood Appeals for the help of the child Manha

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Manha’s mother Saba Parveen is single mother

Saba Parveen, a resident of Qila police station Mohalla Zakhira, is a single mother, she has been divorced from her husband, after the birth of Manha, when her health deteriorated, Saba Parveen got her some tests done, in which the disease was not detected. On checking in the hospital, it was found that the little one is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy salt disease, Saba Parveen, a resident of Zakire of Bareilly police station area, requested for help from place to place for the treatment of her little girl. Sonu Sood has come forward for this, by issuing a video message, he has told the people that if we all help, little by little, the 16 crores being spent in the treatment of the little girl, then the arrangements for the Zolgesam injection for the girl child will be made. Please help a little money so that the life of the girl child can be saved. People should help further shape so that the life of the little girl can be saved.

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Right now the little child is waiting for the Zolgesam injection which will come from America, which can come after defeating the dreaded disease of muscular atrophy. Sonu Sood Appeals for the help of the child Manha

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