Vedantu has taken its name from the ancient scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas. The prefix Veda comes from the Sanskrit word Vidya which means knowledge or understanding or even science. The Vedas are said to be divinely revealed and its wisdom everlasting, eternal and as such not subject to change over time like other religions. Vedantu aims to provide students in India with the most accurate and best study material that they can easily access anytime, Pulkit Jain The Vedantuanywhere!

What am I doing?

I am sitting in my office thinking about what I have to do for my business. I have a big meeting next week and I am worried about it because we are introducing a new product. We’ve tried it before, but now that we have competition it makes me wonder if we will lose some of our customers . Then I think of what things I have to do today and get started on my day.

Pulkit Jain  The Vedantu
Pulkit Jain The Vedantu
NamePulkit Jain The Vedantu
OccupationCo-founder, Head of Product,
EducationChemical Engineering
Studied atIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Contact Email[email protected]

How did it start?

There was a student who had grown up in poverty. He wanted to change his life, so he came up with an idea that would revolutionize education across India. He began teaching what he learned to his family and friends, then eventually everyone in his community. The content grew so much that people from other villages took notice and asked him to teach them as well.

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Why am I doing this?

I am doing it because every person must know how to motivate themselves. I want to help others, and inspire them to do great things. That is why I’m starting my own column on self-motivation. In this series, you will learn all of my tips and tricks for staying motivated in life – from my own personal experiences. Starting with myself…I will share a little about myself, and then give some practical advice for keeping motivated! Every Monday! How does that sound?

Am I helping anyone?

Perhaps one of my most consistent mantras is to ask yourself a single question before you do anything related to your online business—whether it’s publishing an ebook, creating a podcast, or starting a forum: Is what I’m doing right now really helping anyone? If you can honestly answer yes, then your task is well within your realm of work as an entrepreneur. But if not… maybe it’s time to consider another course of action.

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Moving Forward

And finally, when you’re ready to implement your plan and take your business to market, remember these two pieces of advice from serial entrepreneur Gary Cohen: (1) Stay focused on a niche rather than try to appeal to everyone; (2) Avoid investment until you have a proven track record. These simple steps will go a long way toward helping you move forward.

Pulkit Jain

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