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Born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, Joshua Kushner was the son of real estate mogul Charles Kushner and his wife Seryl Stadtmauer. He also has three sisters named Nicole, Dara, and Esther. At just four years old, he began showing an interest in business when he helped his father renovate apartments in New York City’s East Village after school and on weekends. A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story

A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story
A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story


bio : net worth Joshua Kushner (born May 12, 1985) is an American internet entrepreneur. His father is real-estate developer Charles Kushner.He has founded and invested in a number of start-ups. These include Cadre, which he co-founded with his brother Jared, Stamped (purchased by Facebook), Oscar Health Insurance, and many others. A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story


Joshua Kushner is an American billionaire businessman, heir and investor. He is a founder of Thrive Capital and of Oscar Health, as well as son of real estate developer Charles Kushner. Joshua was born in Livingston, New Jersey.

WikiwandJoshua Kushner • Family Tree • Genealogy • MyHeritageMashableBusinessman, heir and investor. He is a co-founder of Oscar Health, and founder of Thrive Capital. The son of billionaire real estate developer Charles Kushner. Age (at death) 56 years old, Age in 2015 56 years old. Birth Sign Aries.


Born in Livingston, New Jersey, on January 10, 1985, to Seryl Kushner and Charles Kushner. His father is a real estate developer and one of New Jersey’s most prominent Democratic donors. One of six children. Youngest son of billionaire real estate developer Charles Kushner who pled guilty in 2005 to charges that he made illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. His father served time in prison during Joshua’s high school years.

A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story
A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story

Physical info

Physical info Age : 30 (Born on January 6, 1988)

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Early in his career, Kushner worked at Goldman Sachs Group as an investment banker. In 2007, he founded Thrive Capital, a venture capital firm. The following year, he co-founded Oscar Health Insurance with Mario Schlosser. Thrive has invested in companies such as Instagram, Kickstarter and Tumblr. In 2011, GQ named him to their Best New Menswear Designers in America list.


Forbes 30 under 30 (2014), Forbes 30 under 30 (2013), Portfolio magazine Innovator of The Year. CNBC Disruptor 50 List (2015), Business Insider Innovator of The Year Award, CNN Future Leader Award, Esquire Magazine Gen-Y Achiever Award, Fast Company Most Creative People in Business (2017). Awards showbiz and entertainment: Peter Zaretsky documentary film agent represents New York Times bestseller Joshua Kushner biography.

sweetest time

sweetest time When he was born in Livingston, New Jersey, it seemed that nothing was extraordinary in his life. His parents were happy and proud of their newborn baby. But at that time, they didn’t know what destiny had prepared for them. Joshua’s father became a successful real-estate developer who had already bought many facilities and made other investments. Everything would have been perfect if not for one thing – his boss became greedy about all these things and started to do business on his own account.

A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story
A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story

first love

first love A sweet dream : in Joshua Kushner’s childhood days, his father arranged to have a special bed for him and all he had to do was say I want my mommy and sleep.

first success

first success Joshua Kushner : first company failure

From Penn State to Harvard

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After his father was convicted of tax evasion, corruption and witness tampering in 2004 and spent time in federal prison, Joshua went to work for a large real estate firm. After two years of working at Conifer Realty Group, he took a job as an analyst on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs.

Starting a Company While in College

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start a company while still in college? Well, don’t wonder anymore because Thrive Capital founder and CEO, Joshua Kushner, did it and he shares his experience with us.

A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story
A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story

Thrive Capital

A fantastic example of a firm that’s not just creating success for itself, but for others as well, is New York-based venture capital firm Thrive Capital. Founded in 2009 by Joshua Kushner, it has already financed over 70 companies and raised $1.4 billion across its various funds. The sole focus of Thrive Capital is to invest in companies who will positively impact our world, and some examples include online education platform Coursera and transportation analytics company Zendrive. The list goes on!

Investing His Inheritance

A profile by Forbes describes how Joshua Kushner took a $US50,000 gift from his grandmother and invested it in Facebook, which was then worth $US200 million. The investment made him a billionaire overnight. From there, he co-founded Thrive Capital with two school friends—and today is worth over $US1 billion.

Oscar Health Insurance Company

In 2013, Joshua founded Oscar Health Insurance Company to make health insurance simple and personal. The company has raised a total of $606.5 million in venture capital funding since its launch, including one round of an undisclosed amount that was led by Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma.

What Makes Him Happy

In an interview with Forbes, Josh has said that he attributes his success to his happiness. I have always felt compelled to find a way to make myself happy, so that I can be successful at whatever I do, says Kushner. Although he is dedicated to building a billion-dollar business—and who wouldn’t be?—his happiness is what drives him each day.

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Key Takeaways on Succeeding in Entrepreneurship

In a panel session at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017, Joshua Kushner, founder and managing partner of Thrive Capital, shared some insights on what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. Below are some key takeaways.

Final Thoughts

According to Forbes, there are a record-breaking 2,208 billionaires in 2017. That number is up from 1,810 billionaires last year and marks an 18% increase since 2016. The wealth of these billionaires rose by $1.4 trillion – roughly $3.5 billion each day – which shows how rapidly accumulating wealth among that elite segment of society can continue to grow exponentially as technology advances and more people become entrepreneurs.


How did you know what you wanted to do with your life? You’ve always been around startups and tech companies. Was there a specific moment when it dawned on you that this is what you wanted to do?

A Billionaire Heir: Joshua Kushner s Incredible Story

How did Josh Kushner get rich?

Josh was born into a family of billionaires. His father Charles founded Kushner Companies, a real estate development firm worth $1.8 billion in 2007. Josh did not inherit his father’s company, but still became a billionaire by age 30. In 2009 he launched Thrive Capital, his own investment fund that has made him a very wealthy man as well as an influential figure in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

How old is Joshua Kushner?

Joshua is just 30 years old. At his current net worth, he’s likely to become one of America’s youngest billionaires when he reaches 35 on July 1st 2018. However, there are some factors that may mean he doesn’t quite make it to $1B. This will be explained later in our story…

Who founded Thrive Capital?

The firm is co-founded by Joshua Kushner, a young and brilliant entrepreneur, along with his business partner at Thrive Capital, ex-Goldman Sachs employee, Chanan Weissman. What’s great about their firm is that they like to focus on businesses in data and tech space. They have been able to work with companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Spotify in the past for funding.

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