Sara Nuru made headlines in 2013 as the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model. Since then, she has become the brand ambassador for nuruCoffee, her own fair trade coffee company that supports Ethiopian women with microcredits nuruWomen, an organization she founded in 2016 to support female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. Read more about Sara Nuru’s remarkable life story on this site. The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story


Born to an Ethiopian mother and German father, it seemed inevitable that Nuru would be torn between two cultures. She faced the additional challenge of being born with a rare skin condition, Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), which required her to have seventeen reconstructive surgeries as well as skin grafts from her father when she was just 10 years old.

For many years she struggled to find happiness and came close to ending her life but eventually chose to take on modeling instead. The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story
The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story


Hailing from Germany, Sara had been modeling since she was 10 years old, but went on to become the winner of cycle 4 on Germany’s Next Top Model. Since 2016, she has been running nuruCoffee, her own fair trade coffee company that supports Ethiopian women. She also supports this cause through her initiative nuruWomen and strives to show others the many benefits that come with giving back.


Nuru grew up in Essen, Germany with her German mother and Ethiopian father. She is the eldest of two children. At the age of twelve, she suffered from her first epileptic seizure, after which she was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and forced to retire from sports. In 2011, Nuru enrolled at University for Economics and Management (FOM) in Germany to study finance.

Physical info

Sara Nuru was born in 1987 and started her career as a model at the age of sixteen, appearing in magazines such as German Elle and Turkish Cosmopolitan. She was scouted by Select, an international agency based in Paris. From then on, she modeled all over the world for companies like Donna Karan, Lanvin and Maybelline. She went on to represent Germany in Miss Universe 2010 and eventually became the winner of cycle 4 of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2013.

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Sara was born in Ethiopia, and after the Ethiopian Revolution she moved to Germany at the age of 13. She had always wanted to model, but felt like it would not be possible because of her dark skin color. She competed in fourth cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model and was chosen as the winner.

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story
The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story


Nuru has not only worked as a fashion model but has supported many projects around the world. For example, she became involved in nuruCoffee to help create sustainable economic opportunities for Ethiopian women. In 2015, Nuru was awarded the Women’s Day Prize for her commitment to gender equality and combating violence against women. She was also named UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in March 2016.

Net worth

Sara was the fourth cycle’s winner and was introduced to her fair trade coffee company, nuruCoffee, after winning. Through the company, she has been supporting Ethiopian women through microcredit loans. Recently, she has launched an accessory line to help generate funds for microcredits as well.

Nuru has also been using her status as a model to promote equality in the fashion industry by posting personal messages on social media and speaking at panels.

sweetest time

Sara Nuru was born in Kenya, but grew up in Germany. While competing on Germany’s Next Top Model, she bonded closely with her fellow contestants and became an unlikely fan favorite thanks to her support for other competitors and drive to continue even after setbacks.

secrets of beauty

Born in Braunschweig, Germany on July 5th 1992, Sara Nuru grew up between Sudan and India. As she got older, she found herself in New York where she finished high school and met her now-husband Demetrios Mylonas while they were both attending Georgetown University. She eventually made her way back to Berlin after graduation where her modeling career took off almost immediately with her first photo shoot for the popular fashion magazine Vogue.

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story
The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story

first love

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, fashion model and entrepreneur Sara Nuru speaks fluent German, English, and French. She also studied political science at Humboldt University Berlin. After winning cycle 4 of Germany’s Next Top Model, she retired from the world of modeling to pursue other interests. In 2016, she took on a new business venture–creating nuruCoffee while supporting Ethiopian women with microcredits through her non-profit nuruWomen Foundation.

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first success

Sara Nuru was born in 1988 and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. One day, she discovered her passion for modeling when she saw a model walk on the runway at an event. She knew that if that model could do it, then so could she. Shortly after this realization, Sara participated in a German reality show called Germany’s Next Top Model Cycle 4.

A Young Model’s Journey

Sara Nuru, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, is known for being the winner of the fourth cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model. Since winning the competition she has been running nuruCoffee, a fair trade coffee company that supports Ethiopian women through microcredits. Nuru has also used her modeling career to support charities like Soles4Souls and Save the Children.

A Passionate About Fair Trade Coffee

Sara Nuru was the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model, and she had plans to retire after the season finale. But as she traveled to Ethiopia and learned about the poverty in which people lived, she fell in love with the country and vowed to come back. Now that her obligations on GNTM are done, she is traveling again to help Ethiopian women become entrepreneurs. She also launched nuruCoffee, a company that provides fair trade coffee beans sourced from different regions throughout Africa.

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story
The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story

A Life Changing Trip to Ethiopia

In October 2015, during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, model Sara Nuru had an eye-opening meeting with an Ethiopian woman named Mulu. Mulu would later become her personal trainer and be featured on Germany’s Next Top Model. At that meeting, Mulu described to Nuru the poverty she and other women face in Ethiopia who have no options but to take care of their children themselves.

Stepping Out As An Entrepreneur

Sara had always dreamed of helping those in need. Now she has created her own company nuruCoffee, to empower Ethiopian women by giving them microcredits. For the last couple years, she has been working tirelessly to create the perfect business model and her goal is to eventually help 25,000 women in Ethiopia.

Empowering Women by Paying It Forward

Model and entrepreneur, Sara Nuru, isn’t one to shy away from tough topics. To date, her company has enabled more than 50 women to start their own businesses by providing them with microcredit opportunities. With two successful businesses under her belt (including the first ever fair trade coffee company in Ethiopia), she knows what it takes to get where you want to be and how crucial giving back is along the way.

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A Very Inspiring Role Model

German-Ethiopian fashion model and entrepreneur, Sara Nuru, is an international supermodel and fashion icon. In addition to being Germany’s Next Top Model 4 champion in 2010, she has continued her career as an international runway model working with world-renowned designers. But she also has a heart of gold that she shares to help others – especially women in the Third World countries where the nuruCoffee company is headquartered.

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story

Holding an Annual Event in Berlin

Sara is passionate about ending poverty, and nuruCoffee has given her the opportunity to do just that. You can read more about her mission in our recent blog post!

Supporting other Models After Being on Germany’s Next Top Model

Nuru won the fourth cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2006. After this, she appeared on covers for German Vogue and French Elle, as well as participating in a show by designer Karl Lagerfeld. This successful career led her to many opportunities to support other models. In 2007, she became the hostess and editor-in-chief for Vogue online in Germany.


Q. What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

A. I like the balance, because I get to focus on both my career and giving back in ways that are important to me. Q. Why did you create nuruCoffee?

A. My big wish was always to have a coffee company that would be fair trade and sustainable for future generations. Q. What do you want people to know about Ethiopian women?

Is Sara Nuru Ethiopian?

Yes, Sara is Ethiopian. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While growing up in Ethiopia, she struggled because her family didn’t have much money. Her father left the family when she was a child and for most of her life he did not take care of his children financially. When she won Germany’s Next Top Model, it helped open doors for her to create a new life for herself that included running nuruCoffee and supporting women through microcredits.

The Top Model with a Heart of Gold: Sara Nuru Amazing Story

Where is Sara Nuru from?

Sara Nuru is originally from Wurzburg, Germany and is fluent in German and English. After winning the fourth cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model, she has continued her modeling career by walking the runway for designers such as Michael Kors and Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week. But it doesn’t stop there.

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