Hollywood has never been short of beautiful women, so when another beautiful woman comes along and proves that she’s more than just eye candy, it makes people take notice. That’s exactly what happened with Chloe Cherry, an American pornographic actress who’s recently stepped out of the adult film industry and into the mainstream spotlight in her first acting role as Faye on the HBO teen drama television series Euphoria. This article will explore Chloe Cherry’s rise to fame in the porn industry, what motivated her to quit the business, and why people think she can make it as an actress outside of pornography. Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood


Ever since making her acting debut on the HBO show Euphoria, Chloe Cherry has been a fast-rising name in the world of porn. Known for her tendency to wreak havoc and take on any role thrown at her, whether its femme fatale or naive schoolgirl, this newcomer doesn’t shy away from new challenges. Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood

Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood
Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood


For years, Chloe Cherry was an aspiring actress struggling to make it big in the industry. After multiple failed auditions, she decided to give up on her dream and left California for Houston with her family. One day, a friend encouraged her to try one more time and Chloe booked the lead role of Faye on HBO’s hit series Euphoria.


Growing up, Chloe never knew her father. With her mother and grandmother constantly busy with work, she would often spend time with her older brother. He would keep Chloe occupied by allowing her to roam around the mall or go ice skating on the weekends. She says that these moments were very formative for her as a child because she was always exploring new things and having fun. As Chloe got older she began to hang out with people who loved drugs and alcohol more than anything else in life.

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Chloe’s first partner was her high school sweetheart. They were going to get married but it didn’t work out due to him being in the military and moving frequently for his job. She is currently single and lives with her friend-of-a-pet, a dog named Harley.

Physical info

A triple-threat and living proof that if you want something bad enough, anything is possible. Every success story has a few hiccups on the way to glory. Chloe has had her fair share of setbacks and insecurities, but she doesn’t let them hold her back from becoming the woman she was always meant to be. Her accolades are endless.


Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, the small-town girl has taken the porn industry by storm. With over 200 films and making her acting debut on HBO’s Euphoria she’s sure to take over Hollywood too.

Net worth

At just 22 years old, Chloe has already started to rake in the cash. According to Forbes, she is worth $1 million. It’s a lot of money for someone so young, but considering her career is in full swing and only going up, it’s no surprise she has accumulated this amount. Her performances are so high quality that she was nominated for an AVN Award in 2019 for Female Performer of the Year

Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood
Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood

sweetest time

21-year-old Chloe Cherry is an actress and model, appearing in over 200 films. She started her porn career in 2015 with Hussie Models and has made a name for herself with more than 12 awards to date. Chloe is currently ranked #1 on the site pornhub , but even though she was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Los Angeles now, she considers herself a Texas girl.

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secrets of beauty

Beauty is a tough subject to tackle, because it encompasses such a huge idea with so many different interpretations. One common misconception is that beauty can only come from within – but how can you expect people to work on their self-esteem if they feel they aren’t good enough? Beauty can come from anywhere; just look at Chloe Cherry’s transformation from an average teenage girl to the soon-to-be ‘it’ girl in America.

first love

Cherry met her now-husband and coauthor, Kris Law, at a friends gathering in 2008. There, she discovered he was a filmmaker and their love for the arts brought them together. Together they ran an artistic venue, space 515 in Omaha from 2011 to 2014 where she acted in every play that performed at the theatre. Now living in LA with Law, she plays Faye on Euphoria and is best known for being a lead porn actress signed with Hussie Models.

first success

Chloe Cherry started her career in 2015 with Hussie Models. Soon after, she made her acting debut as Faye on the HBO teen drama television series Euphoria. Though Chloe is only 24 years old, she is the CEO of her own company, LazerSex Media. She also holds a degree in computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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dearest person

There are many famous pornographic actresses in America who have made quite a name for themselves. One of the most popular, and now well-known, is Chloe Cherry. She became an actress and later starred on HBO’s series Euphoria as Faye.

Early Life

Cherry was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. She attended Central Bristol County Regional Vocational Technical High School and Westfield State University, where she earned a degree in communications. After graduation, she landed a public relations position at Union Memorial Hospital and an on-air reporting job at Cox Radio station WTAR.

Awards & Achievements

– In 2015, Cherry began her porn career with Hussie Models and went on to appear in over 200 films before making her acting debut as Faye on the HBO television series Euphoria.

– She was the host of Night Calls radio program on SiriusXM until it got cancelled in 2017.

– She is also a professional Domme who speaks openly about performing BDSM scenes for money, despite being retired from pornography.

Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood
Chloe Cherry: The American Pornographic Actress Taking Over Hollywood

Personal Life

Growing up in a small town outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she enrolled at UW-Madison after high school and graduated with a degree in history. Following college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dreams. When Chloe turned 18, she dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. She joined the classes at Hussie Models and quickly became one of their most popular models.


What led you to want to get into the porn industry?

In 2015, I had just graduated from college and was struggling to find my way in life. I found this opportunity through Hussie Models, and loved it so much that I decided not to go back for my master’s degree. What does being an adult actress mean for your personal life?

I love what I do, but there is no doubt that it is a double-edged sword.

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