Heather Joan Graham was born on May 12, 1968 in Hollywood, California, the daughter of actor and producer Cliff Gorman and actress Britt Leachman. She is the stepdaughter of actress Anne Meara, with whom her father had a long relationship and with whom he founded the talent agency that first represented Graham; she also has two half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage to Judy Stone. Graham attended the acting schools at Yale University and the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, but dropped out to pursue acting full-time. Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography


Born in Westchester County, New York, she was raised in Ridgefield. When she was 12 years old, her mother and stepfather moved the family to Knoxville, Tennessee. As a teenager, Graham’s interests were dancing and acting. She competed as a country-western dancer into her 20s. At age 16 she auditioned for a spot on the Mickey Mouse Club television show but did not meet the height requirement of 5’2. Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography

Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography
Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography


Heather is the daughter of actor John Ericson. She first made her movie debut at age 13 in 1979’s The End, starring Tatum O’Neal and Beau Bridges. Her career continued with a string of TV movies, before she hit it big on the big screen in 1988 with License to Drive, followed by Drugstore Cowboy. Heather graduated from Stanford University with a B.A.


Her father died in her childhood years from a brain tumor, which devastated her. Heather has described herself as being a Daddy’s girl and credits him with shaping who she is today. She once said of her father, I idolized my dad growing up and everything he did was great. Her mother remarried when she was six and Heather considers her stepfather to be the second love of her life. Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography

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Heather Graham: Relationship

Graham’s most famous film appearance came in License to Drive as a high school girl having an affair with her married teacher, but she is also known for appearances in Drugstore Cowboy and Henry & June. She has continued appearing on the small screen, in everything from soaps like The Young and the Restless, All My Children, and Guiding Light (on which she played Julia Santos) to dramas like Twin Peaks and Nip/Tuck.

Physical info

She is 5′ 4 and weighs 110 pounds. In the 1990s, Heather became a common face on television as a leading lady for various romantic comedies such as Because I Said So (2007), 17 Again (2009) and The Hangover Part II (2011). Her breakout film was License to Drive (1988) in which she played 16-year-old Charlie, who gets her first driver’s license but can’t wait for her 18th birthday so she can legally purchase and consume alcohol.


After appearing in commercials, Heather’s first starring role came with the teen comedy License to Drive. Her first major critical success was the 1992 film, Drugstore Cowboy. She has had guest roles on shows such as Supernatural and CSI: Miami. She is also well known for playing Annie Camden on the long-running TV series Gilmore Girls.

Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography
Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography


Graham won Best Actress awards at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and Valladolid International Film Festival. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award.

She was also nominated for a Razzie Award.

Net worth

Now 56, Graham continues her prolific acting career, starring in the hit television series Eastwick, as well as four new movies slated for release this year. So what’s next? I’m going to keep working until I drop, she says with a laugh. The oldest of three children born to American parents who lived in Chile and Hong Kong, Heather Joan Graham was born on January 29th 1958. Her father worked for IBM and is now retired. Her mother was an executive secretary at UCLA, and she died when Heather was just five years old.

Net worth

In 1987, Heather’s net worth was estimated at $500 thousand dollars, a figure which nearly tripled by the following year. Heather’s notable films from this period include the 1988 classic horror movie A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon and the 1989 comedy Earth Girls Are Easy with Jim Carrey. In 1990, she co-starred with Jeff Daniels in The Manhattan Project.

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secrets of beauty

She also had a small role in the 1990 film Tremors, opposite Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. After appearing in over fifty films, she began reprising her television roles through voice-over work in animation and video games, such as Kingdom Hearts II, Unlimited Saga, Maximo vs.

first love

She was born on March 27, 1962 in Monterey, California. After her first love of being a little girl in the costume department at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she decided that she wanted to become an actress. She graduated from Yale University in 1984 with a degree in Theatre Studies and has been acting ever since. Heather’s maternal grandmother was one of the founders of St Anne’s-Belfield School for Girls in Charlottesville, Virginia.

first success

Heather has starred in a number of high-profile Hollywood movies, including One Night Stand, Wild Things and Déjà Vu. In 1997, she was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with the headline Hollywood’s Hottest New Star.

It may not have seemed like it at the time, but Heather’s most important role would come as Virginia Grey on ABC’s hit show Once and Again.

Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography
Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography

dearest person

American actress Heather Graham had her first starring role in a feature film with the teen comedy License to Drive, followed by the critically acclaimed film Drugstore Cowboy. Born and raised in Texas, she became interested in acting as a teenager. After completing her studies at Southern Methodist University, she pursued acting full-time, becoming pregnant as an adolescent.

Early life

Graham was born in Dubuque, Iowa. She moved with her family to Boulder, Colorado at age two, where she spent most of her childhood and began acting in local theater productions at the age of six. In 1979 her family relocated again from Boulder to Sacramento, California. After a summer job performing children’s theater with the Sunlight Players (now Theatre West) outside Stockton, she decided that she wanted to act professionally.

Acting career

In 1990, she was cast in the role of Kate Reed in the television soap opera All My Children. For her work on that series, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, and then went on to co-star as Megan Lewis from 1991 to 1994. In 1999, she returned for three episodes.

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Personal life

Born in South Orange, New Jersey, she attended Boston University’s School of Theatre Arts for a year before being signed by the William Morris Agency and appearing in television commercials. In 1984, at the age of 16, she became pregnant with her first child. She married Shawn O’Neal Young at 17 years old on December 31, 1985. The two later had another child.


Q. How long have you been acting?

A. I started acting when I was four years old and got my first starring role in a feature film at 18. I didn’t finish college, but later went back and got my associate’s degree in Drama from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2009.

Who is Heather Graham’s husband?

In 1990, she married for the first time to Billy Yates. They have a daughter, Carrie Beth, and divorced in 1992. In 1993, she wed the co-producer of License to Drive, Richard Schenkman. They have three children together: Jack (born 1994), Annabelle Lee (born 1996), and James Yates (born 2000). They divorced in 2010 but continue to co-parent their children.

Heather Joan Graham: From Drugstore Cowboy to Wiki Biography

What other movies did Heather Graham play in?

The next film she starred in was License to Drive, which was released in 1988. In 1991, she played the daughter of Ernest Borgnine and Maureen O’Hara in All I Want for Christmas. She had a cameo appearance in the 1992 Touchstone Pictures comedy Encino Man as a girlfriend of one of Sean Astin’s characters.

How old is Heather Graham?

Born on October 25, 1965 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Heather Joan Graham is an American actress. After appearing in television commercials, her first starring role in a feature film came with the teen comedy License to Drive, followed by the critically acclaimed film Drugstore Cowboy. Heather and her sister Clare were often cast as mother and daughter due to their physical resemblance. In 1992, she married businessman Geoff Cousteau; they divorced two years later.

Is Heather Graham in the sandlot?

One of the things that I enjoy most about Heather’s story is her willingness to play with audiences expectations. You never know if you are going to get a lighthearted comedy like License To Drive or a gritty, down and dirty film like Drugstore Cowboy.

You might see her on the screen, or you might have seen her in commercials when she was a child.

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