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Joey Vieira has played two very different characters in the past year and a half: Wolfman, a skin-changer in Fortnite’s We will be Monsters limited time mode; and Miguel, an aspiring actor living in New York City, who winds up being more than he expected in Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Spiderhead. Although the characters couldn’t be more different in terms of their abilities, they’re both played by the same actor, with Joey Vieira looking back at his experiences portraying them both and what it was like to play such vastly different roles. Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides


Playing the Wolfman was such a blast. A man by day who wakes up at night as a vicious werewolf. It was cool to be able to dive into such an iconic character from pop culture.-Joey Vieira, Actor

The werewolf or loup garou is one of the most popular creatures in folklore all over the world, including many different regions of Europe. However, unlike other monsters, it is not evil by nature – it only attacks humans when there is a full moon; an event called the curse. Wolves are usually only aggressive toward humans if they are threatened or defending their territory. Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides

Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides
Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Vieira discovered his love for acting at an early age. At just 9 years old, he booked his first acting job on a commercial shoot. This led to more opportunities to work on commercials. His first break into the entertainment industry came with a role in the ABC drama series Boston Legal.

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Finding the Roles

I auditioned for both parts separately, they called me in at the same time to test my chemistry with both actors. I went in, read a few lines with Chris Hemsworth first then continued on with Miles Teller.

Joey got the role of Wolfman almost instantly due to his Latin American heritage and connection with Chris Hemsworth. Although he didn’t get the role of Miguel (the main character) – he would later find out that was because his height only matched Miles Teller! It turns out, they had been looking for an actor who was around 6’2 but short enough to fit inside a glass coffin. Joey hit just under 6’1.

Working with Producers & Directors

Lucky for me, I’ve had a really good experience with directors. Most of the directors I’ve worked with have an understanding of what actors do, because they’re either directors themselves or they’ve been around it. They seem to be more interested in the process than the end result; how that end result came about rather than simply filming something. They want to understand how to tell their story through this person, you know? So it can get quite deep quite quickly.

The Future of Entertainment

What do you want to be when you grow up? In the future, more kids may ask themselves this question as a career in entertainment becomes easier. Traditionally, an acting agent is necessary to get your foot in the door, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Just take the example of Wolfman who plays The Beast in Fortnite’s We will be Monsters and Miguel in Netflix’s Sci-Fi Thriller Spiderhead. Born into poverty, he didn’t know anything about his own potential until he became famous on social media after posting clips of himself dancing. He then began using his newfound fame to help others by doing motivational speeches at high schools.

Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides
Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides

Net worth

Despite playing two parts in two well-known movies, a quick search will tell you that only one thing about Vieira can be found. His IMDB page lists his age as 33, height as 6 ft 2 in, and weight as 185 lbs. As an actor, he has appeared in three other movies- with Spiderhead being the most recent.

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sweetest time

Joey Vieira is a talented actor with two very different types of roles. One is ‘the Wolfman’ in Fortnite’s We will be Monsters and the other is ‘Miguel’ in Netflix’s Sci-Fi Thriller Spiderhead, both movies coming out later this year. Here are 5 things to know about him!

first love

Joey first found his love for acting in 3rd grade after watching an episode of Good Times with J.J played by J.J Jameson. He quickly joined the drama club in 4th grade after seeing how much he enjoyed it, which also helped him open up socially. From then on he has performed in 5th and 6th grade plays and one high school production as well as community theater productions when he could fit them into his busy life.

first success

Joey Vieira was born in San Antonio, Texas. He came from a working-class background and grew up with two older sisters. His father died of cancer when he was just four years old. To support his family, Joey started working full-time at the age of 12. He has been an actor for fifteen years now.

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dearest person

Before he became a famous actor, Vieira was told by many people that he should be a boxer. This stemmed from his love of mixed martial arts (MMA). He even trained in MMA for two years before taking on acting. One day, someone had approached him to tell him that they were starting an acting agency and would love to work with him. He signed up immediately and hasn’t looked back since!

Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides
Wolfman and Miguel: Joey Vieira s Two Sides


Q. What made you want to act?

A. I was 10 years old when I was handed a script for an audition, my brother then told me it was for a Disney show, and I’ve wanted to act ever since. A. It feels like as long as I can remember that I’ve been acting. It feels like a natural talent for me. A. Once the acting bug bit, it never went away – it became my livelihood and my lifestyle! A. As far back as I can remember, I always knew that someday I would be doing this for a living. And so it has become.

A. As much as we all dream of being actors, not everyone knows how to get started in this industry or how hard it is to find work at first.

A. But if there’s one thing that keeps you going through tough times or allows you to push through obstacles during those early stages, its knowing what your passion is and holding on tight.

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