As an actor, Ben Affleck’s most famous roles include his Academy Award-winning performance in Good Will Hunting and his role as Matt Damon’s character’s best friend in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. But he got his start on television when he was only eight years old, starring in the PBS children’s show The Voyage of the Mimi. Little did fans know that they were witnessing the early stages of a Hollywood star in the making. How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor

How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor
How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor

Early life

Affleck was born in Berkeley, California on August 15, 1972. His mother, Christine Anne Chris Affleck (née Smith), worked as a schoolteacher and professor, and his father, Timothy Byers Affleck, is a social worker. He has Irish ancestry via his mother’s side of the family. Growing up in a politically active and largely Democratic household led him to become interested in politics at an early age. When he attended Harvard University, he majored in political science with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. The September 11 terrorist attacks occurred during his junior year abroad, which contributed to his decision to return home and graduate with honors from the University of Vermont. How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor

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Acting career

With his breakout role in 1997’s Good Will Hunting, Ben’s transition into adulthood began. With a few appearances on TV shows, he went on to star in movies like 1998’s Armageddon and 1999’s Forces of Nature. His first leading role was 2002’s Changing Lanes, followed by 2003’s Daredevil and 2005’s The Company Men. In 2006, he starred in the Academy Award-winning film Argo as well as 2014’s Gone Girl. His upcoming projects include Live By Night, Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Personal life

Ben was born in Berkeley, California, and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the younger brother of actor Casey Affleck. His mother is a school teacher. His father was a stockbroker and member of the Democratic Party. When his parents divorced, he moved with his mother back to her hometown, where he spent summers with his father’s family. He later relocated with his maternal grandmother Dorothy (died 2007) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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He married Jennifer Garner on June 29, 2005.

How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor
How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor

Political views

Affleck is a lifelong Democrat and humanitarian. He has shown strong interest in politics, actively supporting the candidacy of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. Along with George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson and Democratic activists Ellen Malcolm and John Lewis, he is also a member of the Democratic National Committee National Finance Committee. Affleck attended college at Eastern College, but dropped out when his acting career began to take off. In 2010, he filmed Argo, a political thriller set in 1979 about how the CIA worked with Hollywood filmmakers to create a fake movie as part of their efforts to rescue six American diplomats who had been taken hostage by Iranian revolutionaries at the U.S. embassy in Tehran

Boston Strong

Affleck continued his education, graduating with a B.A. in English from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Vermont in 1988, where he was also a member of the super senior society that is devoted to providing companionship for a lifetime. He then went on to study directing at UCLA Film School. While there, he co-wrote Se7en, as well as worked as director on Reindeer Games, Changing Lanes and The Town…

How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor
How Ben Affleck Went from Child Star to A-List Actor


1. When did Ben Affleck first become famous?

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When he starred in the PBS educational film The Voyage of the Mimi, when he was nine years old.

2. Who is Ben Affleck married to?

He’s been married to actress Jennifer Garner since 2005.

3. Which Academy Awards has Ben Affleck won?

Ben has two Academy Awards – one for Best Picture, Argo and one for Best Director, Argo.

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