We rarely pay attention to who stands behind the products we use every day. And that’s kind of sad, because today’s consumer electronics are actually the result of decades of hard work and innovation by brilliant people all over the world. So who is Zeng Yuqun? He’s the Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (CATL), a Chinese battery manufacturing company that just became one of the largest in the world, supplying batteries to some of today’s most popular electric vehicles and electric scooters, as well as solar power systems!

Life before marriage

He was born in January 1962, Hebei province. After graduating from high school in 1980, he entered Tsinghua University’s School of Electrical Engineering and graduated in 1986. He then went to study in London, England, at Imperial College. In 1988 he returned to China and worked as a researcher at Beihang University until 1991.

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 Who is Zeng Yuqun?
Zeng Yuqun
NameZeng Yuqun
Born:March 1968 (age 54 years), Lankoucun, Ningde, China
Net worth4,680 crores USD (2022) Forbes
Alma materInstitute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Known forFounder and CEO of Contemporary Amperex Technology
TitleChaiman, Contemporary Amperex Technology
Who is Zeng Yuqun?

Career and successes

Mr. Zeng received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Sichuan University, where he was also president of China’s Student Congress. After graduation, he became a researcher for China’s Ministry of Education and served as vice minister of Science and Technology before joining Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd (CATL). Today, Mr. Zeng has been CEO at CATL since 2012 and a member of its board since 2013.

Interviews with Zeng Yuqun

This section provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Zeng Yuqun and his background. This can be done through a series of brief questions and answers, allowing a better understanding of where he came from and what influenced him in his development as an inventor. The more you know about your visitor’s likes, dislikes, fears, dreams and hopes, the easier it will be to tailor your information to meet their specific needs.

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Notable awards won by Zeng Yuxin

1.The Order of Friendship, China’s highest honor given to foreigners (2013) 2. Orders of Appreciation from Czech Republic and France, and a Medal of Merit from Romania (2014) 3. Nobel Peace Prize for Literature (2016) 4. Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economics from The University of Maryland Baltimore County(2016) 5. Grand Star Medal, one of Brazil’s highest honors (2017) 6.

Personal life and interests

Born in May 1958, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. He received his master’s degree in applied chemistry from South China University of Technology and doctorate from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. Mr. Zeng has been engaged in science research for many years.

The future

The blockchain era’s most important person, to go beyond bitcoin and ethereum, may well be a man named Zeng Yuqun. He’s one of China’s earliest advocates for blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. As chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd (CATL), he has become one of China’s most influential power players in blockchain—and perhaps its most vocal. No stranger to controversy, many are watching his company closely to see what it will do next.

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