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Praggnanandhaa, born on October 30, 2003, has already become an acclaimed chess player at the young age of 13 years old. In his short chess career so far, he has broken multiple records. He holds the record for being the youngest grandmaster in history as well as the youngest Indian to achieve such a milestone. He earned this highest rating at just 10 years and 7 months old, beating former world champion Vishwanathan Anand’s record by three months! Praggnanandhaa even came in second place in the World Junior Championship held in Greece this year in 2016! Praggnanandhaa Early Years of Success

His early fascination with chess

Praggnanandha Punishment Rameshbabu is a chess prodigy. His talent was recognized at a very young age and he has been pursuing it since then. His father, Ramesh, took him to his first chess tournament when he was five years old where Praggu won his first trophy! It was a big deal for both him and his father as they were unfamiliar with competitive chess but were instantly smitten by it.

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Things have gone great so far

Praggnanandhaa has become India’s youngest International Master and is currently ranked second in his age group. But how did it all start? In an interview, GM Swapnil Dhopade shares Praggna’s early years and family background. Praggnanandhaa Early Years of Success

What he thinks about famous chess players

”My favorite is Judit Polgar, but I like all the players. I want to meet them and play with them,” he said. ”I especially want to play with Magnus Carlsen, because he is No. 1 and my goal is to be No. 1 too.”

Praggnanandhaa  Early Years of Success
Praggnanandhaa Early Years of Success
NameR. Praggnanandhaa
Full nameRameshbabu Praggnanandhaa
Born10 August 2005 (age 16) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
TitleGrandmaster (2018)
FIDE rating2612 (February 2022)
Peak rating2618 (October 2021)
ParentsNagalakshmi, Rameshbabu
SiblingsVaishali Rameshbabu
Praggnanandhaa  Early Years of Success

How he keeps his schedule balanced

Praggnanandhaa has a plan for his chess and school work. He wakes up at 7 am every day and studies for about two hours before going to school. He attends school from 9-3, when he returns home to study chess for another two hours, then goes back to school from 5-8. Weekends are devoted entirely to chess practice and tournaments. Pragnannandha is an International Master but he keeps his goals modest with hopes of becoming a Grandmaster in five years time. Praggnanandhaa Early Years of Success

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Why you should teach your kids chess

It gives them an important skill that can be used at any stage in life: analytical thinking. Plus, they’ll learn to strategize and solve problems—which is vital as they navigate their adolescent years. Learning chess early on also allows them to continue honing these skills as they grow older—unlike many other childhood hobbies. This will make it easier for your child to embrace challenges later in life because he or she will have experience with working through things early on.

Avoid complacency; always strive to do better.

The old adage, Practice makes perfect has been around since humans began speaking. Yet it also holds true in chess where players seek to constantly improve their play through practice. One player seeking to better his game is eight-year-old Praggnanandhaaa Rameshbabu. Born in Chennai, India on July 30, 2004, Praggu for short has drawn attention from international chess circles for playing at a level above most players his age.

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Achieving everything through hard work alone.

Praggu started playing chess at age 5 and loved it instantly. Within 6 months, he was beating his dad and a year later he had qualified for a national tournament in Chennai. His hard work paid off as he tied for third place at only 7 years old!

His daily schedule in Chennai.

Praggu (not his real name) begins school at 7:00 am and by 8:30 am he is on his way to Susan, where GM Praveen Kumar, who has guided Praggonandha through most of his chess career so far. They spend a couple hours at Susan , while I work out at Nandanam gym. In all, Praggonandh spends about four hours on chess before going home for lunch


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