Following the conclusion of Game of Thrones, Clarke starred in the hit film Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was released in May 2018. Since then, she’s had a number of acting roles, including a prominent role in the upcoming horror film Insidious: The Last Key. In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, Clarke spoke about her new career and how it’s all good. Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: “It’s All Good”

How did Emilia Clarke’s career change after Game of Thrones ended?

Emilia Clarke’s career has changed a lot since Game of Thrones ended. After the show finished airing, she quickly moved on to star in a new series called Bloodline. This show is set in the 1950s and follows the life of a family who are involved with the CIA. She has also said that it’s “all good” and that she is enjoying her new career. She plans to continue acting, but she won’t be returning to Game of Thrones anytime soon. Emilia’s new career is all good!

What is Emilia Clarke doing now?

After playing the iconic role of Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is now focusing on her new career as an actress and businesswoman. In addition to her acting career, Emilia is also the founder of a beauty line called Diva Luste, and has launched a charity campaign called #TBT (Too Big To Tattle) to help raise awareness about body confidence issues. Emilia is also an ambassador for Unicef UK and speaks about body confidence issues through her cause. Her successful career and active charity work shows that anything is possible if you set your sights on it and work hard.

Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: "It's All Good"
Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: “It’s All Good”

What’s her next project?

Emilia Clarke’s acting career has taken off like a rocket, and she’s now a successful actress and director. Thanks to her loyal fans, she’s been able to make a successful transition into the new career. However, what’s next for her? We’re guessing it will be just as exciting as her previous projects. In the meantime, enjoy watching her new TV show “Taboo.”

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Is Emilia Clarke happy with her new career?

Emilia Clarke has had an amazing career so far. From acting in the UK tv series “Downton Abbey” to major Hollywood films like “Game of Thrones,” she’s had a meteoric rise to fame. However, the actress recently made a big change in her career focus and says it’s all good. “It feels really good,” she says of her recent switch in focus. “I’m really enjoying working on screen and it’s a really different direction for me.” Emilia Clarke is now an actress and has shifted her focus to film work. “It’s all about the story and the acting, and I love it,” she says of her new passion. So if you’re wondering if Emilia Clarke is happy with her new career, the answer is a resounding yes!


After finishing her time on “Game of Thrones,” Emilia Clarke is moving onto a new career as an actress. In addition to acting, she also continues to work on humanitarian projects around the world through her foundation, Emilia Clarke Foundation for Justice & Equality (ECFE). Her next project is producer Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” Emilia says that she’s excited about the opportunities that are available to her now and says it’s all good. She had this to say about her new venture: “I’m really excited about the opportunities that are available to me now and it’s all good.” We couldn’t agree more, Emilia!

Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: "It's All Good"
Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: “It’s All Good”


After a successful acting career that has taken her all over the world, Emilia Clarke is taking a break to focus on a new career – fashion designer. Arke, which is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones, says she plans to launch her own clothing line and showroom later this year. “It’s all good,” she said in an Instagram post. “I’m so excited for this next chapter.” While we’re sad to see Emilia go, this is a great opportunity for her to focus on her own career andilke she says, “It’s been a dream of mine to design my own line of clothes from the ground up.” We’re sure her designs will be worth the wait!

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Emilia Clarke is famously outspoken, so it’s no surprise that her reaction to landing the lead role on “Game of Thrones” is all good. “It’s all good,” she says of her new career, in an interview with Reuters. “I’m so happy with the decision I made.” Clarke discusses her decision to take the plunge and what it was like landing one of television’s most popular roles. “I’ve always loved acting but I wasn’t sure if ‘Game of Thrones’ would be my cup of tea because there are so many rich people involved…But then when I read it, I fell in love with the script,” she says. Arke, who left her role on “Dracula 2009” to pursue a leading role in “Game of Thrones,” tells Britain’s Independent newspaper that she has never been happier. “I’m just so grateful to be part of something that’s so loved and has such a following,” she says. “It’s all good.”

Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: "It's All Good"
Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: “It’s All Good”

The Facts

There’s no doubt that Emilia Clarke is a talented actress and author. But her new career as a lifestyle blogger and fashion designer is something else entirely. In June, she announced her new venture on Instagram and since then, she’s been busy with interviews, book signings and more. “It’s all good,” says the actress about the new venture. “I’m really excited about it.” Emilia is set to release her first book later this year and she’s already got a range of exciting projects in the pipeline. It looks like she’ll be busy for years to come – we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How has Emilia Clarke’s new career been going so far?

Clarke’s new career has been going well, according to a blog post on the official “Game of Thrones” website. Clarke was given the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series based on the best-selling novel series by George R. Martin.

Is there anything else that Emilia Clarke would like to share with her fans?

Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: "It's All Good"
Emilia Clarke on Her New Career: “It’s All Good”

No, she’s just grateful to be alive and doing well.

What did Emilia Clarke do after Game of Thrones ended?

Clarke has starred in the feature films Me Before You and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

What advice would Emilia Clarke have for anyone looking to start their own career?

Emilia Clarke, a British actress and fashion model, has spoken about starting one’s own career. She recommends finding an agent and networking with others in the industry.

Does Emilia Clarke miss playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones?

Clarke has said many times that she would have loved to have continued playing Sansa on the show, and of course, viewers were greatly saddened when she was killed off in Season 6. Clarke’s comments were sourced from a 2016 interview with Playboy.


It’s clear that Emilia Clarke’s career has taken a turn for the better since Game of Thrones ended. After playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen for seven seasons, she has now moved on to new and exciting projects. In an interview with Variety, Emilia Clarke discussed her new career and revealed that she is very happy with it. She also mentioned that she is currently working on a new project that is set to be released in 2020. So far, reactions to this news have been positive and fans are excited to see what Emilia Clarke will bring to the table next.

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