The name of Vrikshasana asana is tree-like asana, as a tree stands in a calm and stable state, similarly in administration, it is depicted in a stable state, it is unlike other yogasanas, in this asana we have to keep our eyes open to maintain the balance of our body. Is Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

how to Vrikshasana

1. Stand straight keeping the hands by the side- After this, keeping the right knee bent, place your right paw on the left thigh, the sole of your foot should be straight above the thigh and adjacent to the upper part. Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

2. Maintain the balance by keeping the left leg straight. After making good balance, take a deep breath in, gratefully move the hands above the head and make the posture of Namaskar.

Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

3. Look straight ahead, a straight eye is very helpful in maintaining the right balance, the spine should be straight, your whole body should be taut like a rubber band, every time you exhale, leave the body loose, come fresh and relax smiling body And stay with the breath, slowly while exhaling, bring the hands down, slowly straighten the right leg and stand tall, just like before, now keep the left soles on the right thigh and repeat this process continuously. Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

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Benefits of Vrikshasana

Every apprehension in yogasanas has physical and mental benefits, medicines were taken by Ayurveda and Veda Rishi for treatment, along with the practice of yogasanas and asanas for stability and rapid improvement in the body, Pranayama was also a very pleasant experience. Because as fast as the centuries benefit the body, in the same way Yogasan Pranayama is effective in healing the body smoothly along with medicine, Vrikshasana makes the body feel full of energy. It stretches and strengthens the muscles, thereby rejuvenating the tired muscles, it helps in bringing stability and balance in the brain, helps in increasing concentration. It is also helpful in the inundation of thighs, proved to be very helpful in the stretch I feel due to nerve pain. Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

Take precautions

If you are suffering from Migraine Insomnia Alfia, then do not do this asana; People with proper blood pressure should not use this asana. Vrikshasana removes nerve pain

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