Door of hell Earth is precious and contains many mysteries inside it. The filth produced by it is burning, take away the dirt, but for the first time in the whole area in 1971, when Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union, some geographers left, started the work of excavation during the test, while excavating from the gas on the bottom. Reaching a filled cave, reaching the cave, the roof of the cave became correct and all their excavation material fell into it, out of 36, there was a large area of ​​70 meters and poisonous gas started rising out of it. The residents of the surrounding villages would have maths, they felt that now it is difficult to sit here.Door of hell

Door of hell
Door of hell

To stop the toxic leak, the residents here set it on fire, they believed that after a few days after setting the fire, this gas would burn down, but their guess turned out to be wrong and many buses are still burning even today. Due to the continuous burning, the people there started calling it the gate of Hades. In April 2001, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Battery Mohammed Do I visited the place and after visiting ordered that the area should be closed or else in the area. The plan to extract natural gas should be implemented here and by extinguishing the fire, Turkmenistan wants to make proper use of the gas base reserves by exporting to India China Iran Russia and Western Europe by securing the immense reserves of that country.

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Now if seen, the story of this pit made by humans is not quite the same, but Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union earlier, so at the beginning of the journey, large reserves of natural gas were detected at that time every day due to the economic weakness after the second world war. Was struggling gas reserves could be of great help in overcoming it

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