Back bone benefit from Shalabhasana Yoga Yoga has a lot of importance in Indian culture, which today people all over the world are adopting it and living its benefits. Yoga practice has an invaluable contribution in removing physical and mental problems, for which these methods and yogasanas were given by the ancient sage Muni. The method of Pranayama has been created, which benefits the body without any medicine, it is being used by the whole world, not only in India but also in foreign countries, Yoga is being done in the hands of which everyone is benefiting a lot. In order to overcome diseases and physical ailments, yoga practice has been an important contribution, among them, Shalabhasan is a yoga practice, the walking vasana bends the spine back, which is the reverse sun of Bhujangasana, when the cobra pose is done after Bhujangasana. This asana is most beneficial Back bone benefit from Shalabhasana Yoga

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Method of doing Shalabhasana

Lie on the floor on your stomach, face down and hands back close to the body and straightening the legs, clasping fists of the hands, bring them under the jam and inhaling, lift both the legs backwards, then do not bend the knees for a few seconds. Remain in this posture to come to the normal position, release slowly while exhaling, keep the feet in the air for 30 seconds in 1 minute, we will repeat this process once or twice

Back bone benefit from Shalabhasana yoga
Shalabhasan yoga

Benefits of Shalabhasana in the body

By doing such yoga exercises daily, the arms and legs strengthen the spine and the muscles of the back, this yoga practice gives life to the shoulders, abdomen and thighs, after a stage, pain starts to arise in the shoulders and jams, due to which walking. I have to face trouble in getting up and sitting, people spend money on different types of medicines and doctors for the pain that arises while taking those problems, it will be very beneficial for those people to do this yoga practice. Stimulates the organs of the body due to which the stomach remains clean, the digestive system remains strong, eaten and drank properly, the body feels healthy, it is also very helpful in getting rid of stress. hai mind stays fresh

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Shalabhasan is a headache, severe back injury or neck injury, people should not do this, these people may have to suffer more harm by doing it, please do not use this yoga practice by people or women with these types of injuries.

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