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In today’s life, in the rush of everyday life, we do not get valuable time to look after the internal and external nature of our body properly, which if not corrected at the right time, can lead to many serious diseases. It may have to be done, friends, everyone knows that in today’s time no one has so much time, who can make the body for hours, statements and etc. The most beautiful way of that is through Surya Namaskar, we can improve the senses of our body and The problems arising can be done through Surya Namaskar, which has 12 asanas, one of them How To Do Surya Namaskar

How To Do Surya Namaskar
How To Do Surya Namaskar

1.salutation seat

Take 1 mat and stand on its edge, keep both your paws together and put the whole hymn on both feet equally and while giving hymn on your feet, keep your chest full and shoulders loose, while breathing both hands up from side to side Lifting and exhaling, taking the palms in front of the chest in a bowing posture, this asana benefits the hands and the lungs, doing this 8 times a day does not cause asthma related complaints in the body, the lungs of this body remain healthy. Huh

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2.Hasta Uttanasana

While breathing in this asana, lift both the hands up and take them back, keep the brother apple of the side near the ears, in this posture, try to pull all the organs upwards from the ankles to the fingers of the hands. How to be more effective Push your hips forward and make sure you are going up with your fingers and not backwards

3.handcraft easy

While exhaling in this asana, keeping the spine straight, they are bent in front of the waist, while exhaling completely, keep both the hands on the ground near the toes. So you can bend the knees and now try to keep the knees straight, keep the position of your hands in this place until the Surya Namaskar program is completed. operation easy

In this regime, take the right leg back as far as possible while inhaling, keep the right knee on the ground.

5.Dandasana easy

To do Dandasana posture, while breathing, take the left leg back and keep the whole body straight like a line, to make this era more effective and beneficial, keep your hands on the ground.

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6.ashwag hello easy

To do this asana, bring both knees comfortably on the ground and exhale, lift your qualities backwards upwards, move the whole body forward, keep your chest and holidays attached to the ground, keep your schools slightly raised now both Hands and feet, both knees, chest and shoulders should be touching the ground.How To Do Surya Namaskar

7.Bhujang easy

To do this asana, keeping the elbows on the chest in Bhujangasana, keeping it from the front, keep the shoulders away from the steps and keep the eyes upwards, to make yoga asana more beneficial, while breathing, there is a lot of pressure to push the chest forward. While exhaling, try to ease the navel downwards Medicines Toes also downwards Make sure that you do as much as you can, do not force yourself so that there is any kind of discomfort

8.mountain easy

Ask while exhaling in Parvatasana and lift the lower part of the spine, bending the chest down and come in the shape of an inverted V. Try to raise the lower part of the heel. Recognize and feel more of a stretch

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While inhaling, take the right foot between both the hands, keeping the left knee on the ground, keep the vision above the sun, keeping the right panjiv in the middle of both the hands, keep the right shin perpendicular to the ground, take the flowers downwards so that the stretch deepen How To Do Surya Namaskar

10.handcraft easy

In this regime, while exhaling, bring the left foot forward, keep the palms on the ground and if needed, you can bend the knee. To make this asana more effective, slowly straighten the knees and if possible your nails. Try to touch and keep breathing so that the body feels more stretch

11.easy to hand

Breathing in Hastottanasana, slowly bring up the reed bone, move the hands up and back, push the flowers forward, this regime can be done in another way, one ear is adjacent to the side and stretch up be towards and not behind

12.Tadasana easy

In translation, while exhaling, first keep the body straight, then bring the hands down, rest in such a state and rest by being aware of the sensation happening in the body.How To Do Surya Namaskar

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