In The CW’s crime drama In the Dark, Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld stars as Murphy Mason, a young journalist who, after seeing her brother murdered in front of her while investigating local corruption in the fictional town of Dillon, Indiana, becomes hell-bent on bringing his killers to justice using her skills as an investigative reporter and her experience running with the wrong crowd as motivation. Based on the success of this show, it seems like Mattfeld was born to play this role; however, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t nervous about taking on such an important part. In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm

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In The Dark is an American crime drama television series created by Corinne Kingsbury and starring Perry Mattfeld. It premiered on July 12, 2019 and airs on The CW in the United States. On September 10, 2019, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season which will premiere in January 2020. In Canada, it premiered on CTV on July 17, 2019. Internationally, it premiered via Netflix worldwide on October 23 ,2019 under its original title with subtitles available in English. In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm


Her first big break came in 2013 when she was cast as Mel in an episode of Shameless. In 2015, she joined Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place for a multi-episode arc as FrankenGirl. She also appeared in two indie films: The Unheard and 3 Ways to Die in South Central While Black. : In 2017, Mattfeld got her biggest role yet—the lead role of detective Murphy Mason on The CW’s new show, In The Dark.


Before her big break, Mattfeld had made a name for herself in films like The Frankenstein Theory and Stolen. She also found success in television shows including Shameless and Wizards of Waverly Place. Like many actors before her, she turned to music videos as a way to promote her career. In addition to acting in music videos, she was also featured in several behind-the-scenes webisodes with artists such as Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa.


It’s always fun to play opposite someone who is a veteran and it was great working with James Murray. He had already been on Shameless for a while so there was just something comfortable about him. His character allowed me a little more breathing room because he is basically an everyman but still smart and very funny. It takes a lot of hard work to make these things look easy, so I have mad respect for James!

In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm
In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm

Physical info

5’4 tall / 101 lbs / size 4 shoe (US) / long blonde hair and brown eyes (but I have fake blue contact lenses that I use for FrankenGirl!) 🙂 Born in Chicago, IL. I grew up in a little town called Sycamore, IL (about an hour outside of Chicago). My parents still live there. Although we didn’t grow up with much money, my parents worked hard so that we could always have what we needed. Both of my parents are teachers – they teach special education at our local elementary school. My dad is also a football coach at our high school and my mom is also a coach as well as a teacher.

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After being cut from America’s Got Talent in 2010, she continued studying acting. In 2012 she landed her breakout role as Mel on Shameless. Shortly after that, she appeared in three films and one television movie until 2014 when she had a guest-starring role as FrankenGirl on Wizards of Waverly Place. After that guest appearance, she was cast as Murphy Mason in The CW crime comedy-drama In The Dark which premiered in 2017.


Awards U.S. National Film and Television Arts, 2007: Best Performance in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actress for Murphy’s Mind (2006)

Net worth

$1.2 million : 35 years old : American actress : 4th of July : Scorpio : New York City best known for her roles as Mel in Shameless and FrankenGirl in Wizards of Waverly Place : lived with an abusive father who often got drunk and beat her mother when she was a child. She also had a younger brother named Anthony who died at age 5 due to asthma complications after their father refused to take him to a hospital because he didn’t have enough money.

Acting Runs in Her Blood

At 25 years old, Mattfeld has already enjoyed a rich and varied career. The daughter of Mexican actor Fernando Méndez Montellano and American actress-director Gina Torres, she had her first television role as Young Sophie Gutierrez in Once & Again and her first film role as Young Gabrielle in Star Kid.

She’s Had One Major Breakthrough

In The Dark was a drama series created and written by Corinne Kingsbury. The series revolves around Gretchen (Mattfeld), a young woman who was blinded as a child and becomes an ATF agent using her extraordinary hearing as an advantage in solving crimes. This dynamic premise gave viewers one of TV’s most memorable leading ladies from its premiere episode, but have you ever wondered what lies behind all that crime-solving talent?

Her Favorite TV Show Growing Up Was…

Growing up I loved watching Smallville and Supernatural. They were two of my favorite shows when I was a teenager. I also really liked Charmed! Those are all about witches. Maybe that’s why I wanted to play one on TV? [Laughs]

Fear is Not An Option

Mattfeld was born in New York City. In 2012, she graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public and International Affairs and received her Master’s degree in 2014. Her dream is to make it big as an actress and one day win an Emmy Award.

A Deeper Look Into Her Most Recognizable Role

The In The Dark series is brought to us from CBS Films and director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of Planet of Apes). Though premiering September 27th on CW, In The Dark has already developed a cult following. The show stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason – a young girl who develops super-human senses after losing her sight in an accident. Through these heightened abilities she works alongside Detective Morris Blanchard (played by Alphonso McAuley) to hunt down those responsible for her tragedy.

In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm
In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm

How’s Every Day Since the Show Has Been Renewed?

Since The CW renewed In The Dark for a second season back in March, there’s been no shortage of drama on social media from fans who can’t wait for Season 2 to air. Leading lady Perry Frances-Garcia Mattfeld has kept a relatively low profile on social media in comparison but we had a chance to get some details about what we can expect from Murphy next season as well as what life has been like for Perry since her character became one of Hollywood’s newest rising stars.

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Before She Was On In The Dark

Before she made her mark on The CW drama In The Dark as brilliant but reclusive Murphy, actor and producer Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld spent most of her career behind-the-scenes. Having grown up in Chicago and Los Angeles, Mattfeld began her acting career on stage before transitioning to TV and film roles.

If There Is Any Advice That I Can Give…

If there is any advice that I can give to someone trying to make it in Hollywood is that persistence is key. It took me about a year of auditioning before I landed my first role on Shameless, but if there was anything that kept me going was that I refused to take no for an answer. If you are passionate about acting then don’t ever give up! No matter how long it takes someone will recognize your potential; you just have to stay persistent and focused.

Q.& A.

When did you first get interested in acting? Was there a specific show or film that inspired you? A. I was always interested in acting but never pursued it until high school. There were no productions at my middle school and I didn’t have an interest in theater until my last year of high school when I auditioned for our production of The Crucible. After that, I was hooked! My senior year of high school we did The Importance of Being Earnest and from then on out I knew that performing was what I wanted to do with my life.

Is the actor from In the Dark really blind?

We sat down with In The Dark actress Perry Frances to get her take on that and more. Take a look at our full chat below! Although it may seem hard to believe, actor Perry Frances is not in fact blind. At least not all of her time. In fact, when she’s not filming or appearing on talk shows and red carpets like during recent appearances at San Diego Comic-Con for a new CW show called In The Dark (currently streaming on Netflix), she’s a complete normal everyday woman who just happens to love acting and making people laugh.

What ethnicity is Perry Mattfeld?

Perry Mattfeld is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Mel in Shameless, FrankenGirl in Wizards of Waverly Place, and her leading role as Murphy Mason in The CW crime comedy-drama, In the Dark. Born on January 10th 2000 in Los Angeles California to Mexican parents and being of mixed race; she is one of two children.

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Is Murphy completely blind?

Yeah. She’s got glaucoma and was born that way. She just can’t see at all. It’s been really fun for me because I get to learn about what it would be like if I couldn’t see. It has given me a different perspective on things like driving or crossing streets—things that we take for granted when we have sight. And it has been an incredible learning experience in terms of how she lives her life every day.

Is Murphy blind In the Dark?

Since Murphy can’t see in The CW’s hit new show In The Dark, I had a few questions for her portrayer, Perry Frances-Garcia Mattfeld (we think she makes a great choice for filling Sarah Shahi’s shoes!). Here’s what we learned about her.

Is In the Dark Cancelled?

The midseason drama series In The Dark has received solid reviews and had a steady start. However, its viewers fell during its second episode from 1.9 million in its debut episode to just over one million for episode two. TV By The Numbers reports that there are only four more episodes of In The Dark left for season one and it isn’t clear if or when these remaining four episodes will air on The CW network or if they will be made available online or on streaming services like Netflix at some point.

In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm
In the Dark: Get to Know Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld the Actress Taking Murphy Mason by Storm

Is pretzel a real guide dog?

She also doesn’t have a real cane (the one she used was borrowed from a producer who wanted her to use it), nor does she have 20/20 vision. Rather, Mattfeld has been diagnosed with degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa—an incurable genetic disorder that damages cells in the retina. The disease could eventually leave her blind. At 36 years old, that might not be too far off for Mattfeld either way.

Is Chloe actually blind In the Dark?

A lot of people have been wondering if Chloe is actually blind in The CW’s new series In The Dark, where she plays a blind woman named Murphy. But no matter how many times we watched it, we couldn’t figure out if she was even wearing contacts.

Who plays Murphy?

When you think of your favorite characters on TV, do you picture them as a true-to-life depiction of who they’re based on? In some cases, yes. In others (think Detective Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU), absolutely not.

The Lives and Times of Perry, Frances, and Garcia Mattfeld

The three Mattfeld siblings lived their lives in relative peace and quiet, with nothing much changing from one year to the next. Their father was a clerk at the local prison and their mother worked as a nurse at the local hospital, which meant that they were rarely home at the same time as their kids. As children, Perry, Frances, and Garcia all enjoyed playing in the nearby woods and swimming in the lake behind their house, but grew bored of those activities as they got older and would often find ways to get into trouble.

Perry: A Life in Music

Perry is a Mexican-American singer/songwriter who comes from a family of musicians. His mother’s side of the family had its roots in Tucson, Arizona where his grandfather was born and raised. As a child he loved to sing. When he was 16 years old his mother bought him a guitar for Christmas. He learned how to play it by listening to records – mostly Beatles songs – that were played on their stereo system.

Frances: A Life in Art

In 1966, as a young woman struggling to find her way in life, she walked into the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She was transfixed by an exhibition that featured the work of legendary artists Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. That day changed the course of her life forever.

Garcia Mattfeld: A Life in Fashion

Born in the late 19th century to a family of farmers in rural Pennsylvania, Garcia Mattfeld may not have been destined for a life in fashion. But as fate would have it, her father was an enterprising man who had the foresight to see the potential for wealth by manufacturing textiles.

Garcia’s father encouraged his daughter to take up the study of dressmaking from a very early age.

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